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The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Celebrates Ten Years!

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation - 2003 to 2013

With over 3/4 of a million souls and ten years . . . we are celebrating with giveaways throughout the year!

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Our Mission - To Reduce Spiritual Hunger Worldwide

And we do that by offering all of our materials downloadable for free on top of the exciting giveaways that we will offer all throughout our tenth anniversary year.


The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Celebrating 750,000 Souls!

Friday, Dec. 7th 2012 at 9pm to Tuesday, Dec. 31st 2013 at 9pm


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Giving away copies of the book that began it all . . .

Enter to win copies of 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism,' the first book we put out and our signature piece.


The Road To Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary (2012)
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The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Reviews

Joseph McMoneagle, Author “Stargate: Memoirs of Psychic Spy,” World-Renowned Remote Viewer – “Marilynn’s energy and enthusiasm for the spiritual subjects she writes about is only surpassed by the amount of hard work that goes into her writings. She has established herself as an authority within the unique and experiential field of the Near Death Experience. Anything she presents is well worth the time and attention one might spend on it.”

Leading Edge Review - "This book will fascinate and inspire you!"

Body, Mind and Spirit - "Hughes's book is far from mere entertainment; it contains many fascinating descriptions of astral travel. It is also sincere, loving, perceptive, instructive, and highly original." Katherine Diehl

Australian Parapsychology Review - "From the 1800's to the present, about 70 OBE books have been published, but only three are about women. The last autobiographical OBE book about a woman is Carol Larson's 'My Travels in the Spirit World' (1927), though the first book on astral projection was an 1832 book entitled 'History of a Female Somnambulist.' Many readers will be familiar with Robert Monroe's book, 'Journeys Out of the Body' (1971) . . . The book by Hughes - broadcaster, singer and mother - parallels Monroe's, except she offers more of a running spiritual commentary on her experiences . . . Hughes tells about her first OBE, then captivates the reader with many subsequent deliberate experiences. As with Monroe's, these astral adventures are nothing less than fascinating." Philip Paul

The Columbus Dispatch - "If Guinness tracked such new-age feats, Hughes might hold the record for astral projections. The 27-year old California native says she has had 'thousands' of out-of-body deliverances since her daughter, Melissa, was born four years ago." Dennis Fiely

UFO's and the Paranormal, BBS International Radio, BBSRadio.com - "Marilynn Hughes is one of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners of astral travel. She began having out-of-body experiences shortly following the birth of her first child. Since then, she has had thousands of out-of-body journeys, and experience a wide variety of highly mystical events including healings, visiting enlightened beings, meeting with deceased love ones, learning about past lives and much more. Do you want to go out of body? Come learn from one of today’s leading experts. If you are interested in Spiritual Enlightenment, then this is one show you cannot afford to miss. It could quite literally change your life." Preston Dennett [12/14/06]

Alternate Means, From an Article by Preeta Samarasan, Writer for the Hyphen Journal, San Francisco, CA, USA- "Marilynn Hughes, mother of three, founder of the Out-of-Body Travel Foundation,(www.outofbodytravel.org), author, publisher, and mystic, has traveled, by her own account, to every realm from the “the twenty-third-dimensional, beautiful existences of the golden angels” to “the lowest hell where pure evil resides.” Marilynn is forty-two; she has been making these journeys regularly for about twenty years. They all begin in the same way: her body begins to vibrate uncontrollably, as if there were a jet plane next to her in bed then she either falls out of her body or is lifted out of it. The different realms are accessible through different kinds of tunnels: whirling cloud tunnels to the higher realms, dark tunnels deceptively similar to those commonly described in near-death experiences, but leading instead to a previous life of the traveler, and dirt or mud tunnels to lower realms."

Hampton Roads Publishing - "Hughes's Book is 'destined to become a seminal classic in the literature of out-of-body experience (OBE). A natural follow-up to the pioneering works of Robert Monroe and D. Scott Rogo, This is one woman's diary of her experiences on the 'other side.'"