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Lisa Lund, Director of Technology

SeeSaw, Photo Booth and Adobe Voice

Kandy and I have been supporting teachers in elementary classrooms over the past two weeks with technology integration lessons. We read a Kansas Day book and helped students explain what they would take in their covered wagon in kindergarten and first grade using SeeSaw. Second graders are using SeeSaw to explain their diorama projects about the sea. Third graders are using Adobe Voice for a heroes project, fifth grade is using it for their inquiry projects and fourth graders are creating book trailers. Super exciting! We are going on a virtual field trip with kindergartners and explaining dinosaurs using SeeSaw next week. If you would like for us to come to your classroom, please send an email to let us know what technology you would like to integrate with your upcoming lessons. Please send us pictures of students engaged with technology in your classrooms for our next newsletter.

BLHS BIT Team Teaches Fourth Graders Photo Booth

We are so excited to see the students from our BLHS BIT class teaching our fourth graders about photo booth. Colton Gibson spent some time in Mrs. Riffel's classroom teaching students how to record on photo booth and insert into their projects. Awesome Job. He will be visiting fifth grade with Mrs. Sweeney this week. Please let us know if you would like one of our BIT Team to help with instruction in your classroom.
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Importing Video to Google Drive

MakerSpace and VGF Grant


Tammy Potts and I wrote a grant and it has been awarded to us to increase our STEM Mentors and the creation of a MakerSpace. We will be working to create activities that will encourage our K-12 grade students to experience STEM projects and understanding of the STEM careers through our MakerSpace. Mentors will guide the activities and mentor our BLHS BIT students in this process. We are partnering with HammerSpace here in Kansas City to help us with this process. Students in the BLHS BIT class are working on activities and projects that parents and students will complete in our MakerSpace Community evening events. We hope to start in late March with kindergartners and will be inviting our kindergartners and their parents to sign-up. We will limit to 30 students and their parents in order to make sure to understand the flow and how the space will work. It will be set-up at the Middle School until we move to the new CTE Center. We are super excited about the projects the students will be doing and the ability to invite our community to be a part of the Maker Movement. You can watch a quick video about MakerSpace and below are some pictures of the BIT Team creating Scribble Bots so they will know how to help students and parents with this activity. Look for more information as we move forward with the VGF Grant and MakerSpace Nights.

Looking for donations:

  • empty and clean yogurt, sour cream, or other small plastic containers
  • Rubber Bands from Broccoli
  • Markers (that work)
  • Bolts, washers, etc. for weights
  • clothes pins
  • Recycled Item to build a tower from recycled items (card board, clean cans, plastic containers, cardboard, newspaper, scraps of wood, aluminum, etc.)

You can send them to Lisa Lund at District Office. Thank you.

What is a MakerSpace?

Scribble Bots

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