The Red Fox

By Annie brown

About the Red Fox

There are around 7.2 million red foxes in Australia. The Red Fox has an extreme threat level, not feral but a pest. The Red Fox is the largest of all tree foxes. It can live only up to 5 years, in the wild though.

When, Why Where and How did it come to Australia?

The Red Fox came to Australia in 1855. Due to recreational hunting. The Red Fox came by boat to Australia. If it came by plane its ears would have been damaged.

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What impact did the Red Fox have on humans and nature?

Humans would kill Red Foxes for accessories. Its soft, beautiful fur would be shaved and put on handbags. A Red Fox loves to play. Only with its own breed. It could possibly kill a human if one tried to play with it.

What impact does The Red Fox have on the aboriginals ?

The aboriginals did not often come across a Red Fox. In fact they didn't even bother about one if they saw it. The aboriginals would not even kill a Red Fox if they saw one.

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Did the Red Fox like its environment?

The Red Fox loved its environment. It loves to eat rabbits, crickets, birds. Climbing trees was also fun for it. And even faster than a lot of other foxes.