Kitchen Safety

By: Jonathan Chase


How to avoid cuts

1. Never cut towards yourself.

2. Always be aware of who is using a knife or sharp object.

3. Don't be reckless

What to do when cut

1. Make sure to wash and sanitize cut.

2. Cover the cut.

3. Be careful

Burns and Fires

How to avoid burns and fires

1. Make sure you always pay attention to stoves, microwaves, etc.

2. Always have a fire extinguisher around.

3. Use flame retardant materials.

What to do when burned by a fire

1. Make sure you know what kind of fire it is so you can put it out.

2. Use something like aloe vera to help the burn.

3. Clean and cover the burn spot.


How to avoid falling

1. Use proper shoes in a kitchen.

2. Use step ladders instead of chairs.

3. Make sure to use wet floor signs when the floor is wet.

What to do after you've fallen

1. Stay there and call for help just in case you get hurt worse.

2. Make sure to warn others so they don't fall as well.

3. Take more protective measures afterwards.

Electrical Issues

How to avoid electrical issues

1. Don't overload an outlet.

2. Make sure the cords are not near liquids.

3. Make sure there are no lose wires within the cords.

What to do when there has been an electrical issue

1. Find the source and try to fix the issue

2. Don't touch the cords if there is an issue as you might get shocked.

3. Try to find something that doesn't conduct electricity to stop the problem.

Chemical Poisoning

How to avoid chemical poisoning

1. Make sure there are no hazardous substances near food.

2. Keep hazardous substances in a labeled cabinet.

3. Be aware of what you're using in the kitchen

What to do when you have been poisoned by chemicals

1. Find out what chemical you ingested.

2. Call the poison control hotline.

3. Find out what counter reacts with the poison.