By Cian Long #212

Flash bio poem

The Flash

he is lightning ,smart ,red ,and strong

he is cousins with Green Arrow

who likes red,yellow , and coffee

who fells giving , hopeful and nice

who needs a mask , a tread meal , help

who gives hope ,safety ,help

who fears zoom ,Dr.Wells , and the future

who would not like to see Zoom

resident of Cenral City


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Hop limeric poem

A hoping horse

hoped through a course

then a turtle

had to hurdle

the horse to use the force

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Bill Gates 5 W poem

Bill Gates

Could buy the world

in his office


because he is so rich

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Birds free verse

Birds fly in the sky chirp "chirp chirp"

like alarm clocks in the sky.

They lay eggs and eat worms.

Birds can be in all shapes and sizes.

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My Christmas tree see what i found poem

A Christmas tree

green and bright

near the teachers desk

to protect

and hold the presents.

and let the angel sit on top of it

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Santa acrostic poem

Smiles like a grandpa

All elfs work for him

Never cry's

The cookies are his favorite

A very fat man

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