Letters From Rifka By Karen Hesse

Erica Roman

Letters From Rifka

3 real events from Letters from Rifka is 1. Whenever Hitler and the Nazis where trying to put Jews in concentration camps. 2. When people where being discriminated for being Jewish. and 3. when Jews had to get away from Hitler, they sometimes migrated to America.


Rifka: Rifka is a easy to deal with 12 year old who is very smart and clever but under presser she doesn't do well

Mom: Her mom might as well be a stunt double. She is a fearless fighter who does anything for her family

Papa: Mom and Papa have alot of the same traits but Papa is a bit smarter and nicer

Saul: Saul is a very responsible 15 year old. When something goes down he has your back

My Opinion

My opinion of this book is its fair, there are some really good parts but also some really boring parts. Sure there are some boring parts that isn't needed but the adventures Rifka and her family goes on makes up for it. I would recommend it if you like the story of Jews and there time trying to get away from Hitler and the Nazis.


It never says what time but its around the time when Hitler was controlling everyone to hate Jews. The setting is some place in Germany, in Poland and at the end America.

Quotable Quotes

"And i shall know some savor of elation Amidst the cares, the woes, and the vexation" -Pushkin

"With freedoms seed the desert sowing, i walk before the morning star"-Pushkin

"In hope, in torment, we are turning Toward freedom, waiting for her command"-Pushkin

Problem and Solution

The problem was Hitler. Hitler was making people hate Jews (Rifka and her family where Jewish) and so Rifka's family was having a hard life. So the solution was to go to Poland by train. When they arrived they had the same problem and her family got sick so they had to move when they where healthy in America