Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


Spelling Unit 27 - test on Friday!

Vocabulary Lesson 14 - test on Friday!

This week we are working on our Research papers & projects. Most of this will be done in class, however, students may need to collect some supplies from home to complete the project.


We will finish our 2D / 3D Geometric City.


We will finish reviewing this week. We will focus on Rotation, Revolution, Tides, Shadows, Food Webs, Adaptations, and Inherited Traits. Students will bring home their review folder on Friday. Please have students look over them some before Wednesday. Students will take Science STAAR on Wednesday, May 11th.

Social Studies

Week #29: America Becomes a Superpower

Week #30: Technology Leads Us into the 21st Century

Students can take the quizzes for each one once they have read the newspaper and are ready.