Kids Land Daycare

A career deciding experience.

Never Ending Fun!

Working in this daycare, I've met an array of twenty-one incredible children. Each one is unique and individual. I got to experience the job of an early childhood educator, and the challenges that accompany it.

Every Weekday from 9:30 to 11:15 at the Daycare

I attended this internship every morning for a period of around one hundred minutes.

The Instructors

My Challenges

In the beginning of my internship, I struggled the most with patience. I didn't realize the amount of patience required to work with young children. I've always been a quick learner myself, so when coming across a child that learned at a lesser pace, I had to learn to slow the pace down to suit each child. Throughout this process, I worked with a child who had special needs. This was a serious challenge for me, being that it took so much extra time and effort to work with her. The dexterity skills are something that I've worked many time with her on, and I'm proud to say I've seen plenty of progress. This child improved so much over the course of my internship. Although the progress is of her doing, not mine, I'm still extremely proud of this accomplishment and that I was able to assist her in that.

Kids Land Daycare

A childcare center that teaches social skills, good values, and educates children on basic childhood skills.