The Fever List #7

Instant PR Pro - Bill Guthrie + Wealthy Affiliate


I wanted to tell you about an ingenious new product that Bill Guthrie just launched. Instant PR Pro helps you get site traffic whenever you want. Press releases really are the most meaningful traffic you can receive, and it creates ripples of exposure for your websites, products, and services. See more below.

I'm also including information about Wealthy Affiliate. If you haven't heard about it, it's a community to incubate those new to launching/ promoting products. The platform is free, and includes some really good benefits like a website builder and website hosting, and killer support.

Of course I've included some other really good products too. I told you that I would be working to bring you some really good deals to make you more money online. The products below work especially well with FBFever. I hope this list doesn't disappoint.

Thank you and looking forward to working with (and helping) you!


#1 - Instant PR Pro (Just Launched)

Here’s what you get, for the low special offer price:

  • a web-based interface (nothing to download)
  • a user-friendly solution that asks you questions…you fill in the blanks and the software does the rest
  • a powerful traffic source that can provide you with floods of targeted traffic (and can get you listed on Google News, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and dozens of other authority sites)

This product is for those on a tight advertising budget, frustrated with the search engines, and excellent for local business consultants. Hint: Turn this into a service and be paid handsomely for it!

Watch the demo first - but hurry, it’s on a dimesale.

#2 - Wealthy Affiliate

So, I'm just discovering Wealthy Affiliate, a referral from a trusted friend and JV marketing powerhouse. He put me in touch with Kyle, a founder of Wealthy Affiliate, and after learning about the benefits of the community and hearing the REAL successes - not just shills from my Google search, I'm super impressed.

This program is a fantastic way for those looking to get started marketing their own products or even someone else's, gives you a wealth of affiliate/ online marketing knowledge for free, landmark support by the founders themselves, and provides you with an easy website builder and website hosting (!) for your projects. Yea, it's crazy.

#3 - Buzz Ripple

How many time have you been told “the money’s in the list”? The fact is: if you don’t have an email list, you’re fighting a losing battle… That's why anyone who is successful online puts list-building TOP of their “list” of priorities.

Even if you’re making money from direct PPC traffic - imagine how much MORE you’ll make... imagine how much more SECURE you’ll feel... if you also build your own solid assets from your traffic. NOW its easier than ever to build a profitable list.

Introducing BuzzRipple - an exciting new lead-gen SaaS for marketers. Unlike standard opt-in software, BuzzRipple enables you to create fun, interactive landing pages to engage your visitors and trigger powerful “buying reflexes.”

With these powerful techniques, you’ll have your visitors eating out of the palm of your hand when you deliver your call to action.

For a limited time you can grab a lifetime licence at a fraction of the true value - as part of the BuzzRipple “Early-Bird” Launch Offer.

BuzzRipple really is the easiest way I’ve seen to skyrocket your conversion-rate. But your opportunity to grab a lifetime license won’t be around for long. So take action NOW and don’t miss out!

#4 - BuzzRipple Facebook Traffic Extension

While your BuzzRipple Standard or Pro licence will allow you to bump up your conversions by over 300%… The Facebook Traffic Extension will help you drive a 3-fold increase in your social traffic…

With the BuzzRipple Facebook Traffic Extension YOU’LL be able to generate 9 times the number of leads for the equivalent ad spend. This extension should literally pay for itself in the first few days.

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