1st & 2nd Hand Account of Pugs

By: Belen Meza

Playing with a Pug

Firsthand Account:

I have loved pugs for about two full years! I have been excited to see a pug in person. One day, my mom had to go to the doctor near St. Louis and their was a place called Pet Land. Before we went to the doctor, my dad,mom, Lily, Octavio, and I were at Pet Land and we played with a little puppy pug. Octavio wanted to play with a husky, so we had to put the pug back. When we put the pug back in the cage, he started to chew on his little pillow pet. We played with the husky because Octavio said they were active. It was a bit hard to play with husky because it was really lazy and sleepy. I wanted to play with the little pug again, but we had to leave.

Activities to do with a Pug

Secondhand Account:

These people said it was good to cuddle pugs and walk together with them to make them happy. They also said that if you make little obstacle courses in your home you could get the pug exercised or happy. These people also said that when you play tug of war with a pug, it teaches the pug to take it and let go.