My hockey team

Our season together

My hockey team went bell ringing. It started at tryouts we all did go at tryouts. We just had a tournament in Richfield we toke second. We played Rosemont in the championship. We lost 4-3. We are 9 in state are record is 12-2-0. We have two games coming up on Saturday we play River lakes and Delano I hope we can win. We have play both of the teams and we beat them.

Why you should join hockey

You should join hockey

It's important to me because I love to play the game. If you love the game and you don't play the game you look in to it. It is different because we have activists often and we have practice 4 times in a week. The year it started in 1974. It was a 40th year last year. My team last year we had party.