The 7th Grade Skinny

May 2nd

That time when your 7th grader couldn't get out of bed and so now they are late to prayer...

Morning Prayer is the most important part of our day. Please help teach your 7th grader responsibility and punctuality by helping them arrive on time!

Remind them to proceed immediately to the prayer area as soon as they hear the bell.

But what should they do if they are dropped off after 8am?

Great Question!

All students: If students arrive after the 8:00am bell, they must proceed DIRECTLY to Morning Prayer without stopping first at advisories/homerooms.

What the 7th graders are focused on right now....

Catalina is next week! Here is what parents should know:

  • Your 7th grader should arrive by 6:45am on Euclid Ave. on Wednesday May 4th.
  • Separate from the duffle bag and sleeping bag should be a day pack. This day pack should hold a lunch, water bottle, and any other things the 7th grader will want on the bus and boat. Please make sure to wear a sweatshirt and closed-toed shoes.
  • On each piece of luggage must be a piece of black tape or ribbon. This is to designate that they are with our group. Please have names clearly marked on each piece of luggage, as well.
  • Students may want money for the boat to buy snacks. They also may want money for SIMI swag: $30 for sweatshirts, $15 for t-shirts, and $12 for water bottles, hats and beanies. (the purchase of these items will not happen until Thursday night, so please don't depend on this for water bottle or sweatshirt needs for the trip)
  • 7th grade will arrive roughly at 4pm on Friday May 6th on Euclid Ave. The school will send a text when they have a more exact time that afternoon.
  • Don't let your 7th grader say he or she doesn't need a warm jacket or pants. It will get cold at night! Layers are very important!
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Culminating What????? Explain!

Last Wednesday, the 7th graders were introduced to their culmination project. This year, the project sticks to our year-long theme of service to the school. Not only have the students successfully managed carpool duty, but they were the first ever MJS interns. This project seeks to give 7th graders a chance to make a lasting difference at MJS.

The teachers have worked really hard to design a project that not only speaks to the strengths of this 7th grade class, but will also be a valuable learning experience for the students.

Structured time will be given during advisory and other specifically scheduled times. This is not an assignment that needs to be done at home. Project proposals were due last Friday and we begin today by sending formal emails asking for interviews and creating surveys for action research.

Ask your 7th grader which project they chose!

Studio MJS!

Strike A Pose

The students in the yearbook elective are planning on putting together a digital album and need photos from the MJS community!

If you have any photos taken on a camera or smart phone, please click on this link on the link below.

You'll be taken to a page where you can upload photos to our MJS yearbook gallery and help us capture all events from April until June.

Thank you!

The Yearbook Elective

What People Are Reading....

Shake Post Issue 3: 6th grade's second newspaper on earthquakes. Catch up below.....

What People Are Watching.....

Check out these cool Public Service Announcements about earthquake safety brought to you by the 6th graders.....
Earthquake PSA: Are You Prepared?
Earthquake PSA: Even Zombies Need Supplies

Repeat After Me: "Mark your Calendars!"

  • Week of May 2nd Morning Carpool: Mercado/6th Grade
  • Tuesday April 26th: 7C Idea Lab field trip to Kids Space
  • May 4th-May 6th: Catalina Trip
  • May 11th: Pasadena Junior Docents tour MJS 3rd graders: Pick up at 9:15 at MJS and pick up at Pasadena Museum 12:30.
  • May 27th: Blue and White Day/Pancake Breakfast
  • June 1st-June 6th: Final Exams
  • June 7th: 7th Grade Day of Service

Week of May 2nd Morning Carpool: Wirth

May 2nd Giving Bank: Wirth Group 2: Camilla Nelson, August Nicassio, Bo Oliver, Ryan Nishyama, Hayes Sullivan

Drivers: Tessa Nelson and Rosalind Oliver

Giving bank schedule

Giving Bank Driver Schedule

Junior Docent Driver Sign Up

Repeat After me: "Go Mustangs!"

Please come and support our Mayfield Mustangs! Here is what's coming up this week, for the complete season schedule, please visit the "MJS Athletics" page on the parent portal.

Have you followed us on Twitter yet? @MJSAthletics It's a great way to get up-to-date game results!

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