Weathering and Erosion

By: Matthew Jenkins


The breaking down of rocks

Types of Weathering

Physical, Chemical, and Biological are all types of weathering. Physical weathering is the changing of the rock without changing its chemical compositions. Chemical weathering is the breaking down of rocks by a chemical reaction. Biological weathering is the breaking down of rocks by living things.
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Chemical Weathering

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Physical Weathering

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Biological Weathering

Specific Examples include;

Physical weathering - a rock goes through the freeze-thaw process. It is changed because it eventually cracks and is broken down.

Chemical weather - a rock goes through the carbon cycle. It changes because its broken down due to chemicals.

Biological - A tree grows through a rock over time. It is broke down by roots.


Sea cliffs on Molokai island and cliffs at Glassy Real Estate in Homes, South Carolina are examples of erosion.


The Mississippi River delta and the Colorado River delta are both examples of deposition.

Soil Composition is

Soil Composition is the top layer of the land surface of the Earth that is composed of disintegrated rock particles, humus, water, and air.

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Soil is used in our everyday life. Without soil there would be no life. Soil is important in North Carolina because we are a farming state and it's very important in the south.

Soil in North Carolina

The soil found in North Carolina is called cecil soil. Cecil soil is very deep and well drained located on slopes and ridges and is formed from igneous and metamorphic rocks.
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Soil Conservation

One type of soil conservation method is no till farming. When you don't till the soil you allowed the crops to remain in the field rather than being plowed under at the end of the season. This practice keeps soil anchored in place rather than having bare ground exposed to wind and water.
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Soil Erosion Causes & Soil Conservation -Video for Kids


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