depressing girl on mango street

Jesus Martinez

depressing girl on mango st

I am from not having a home

and siblings that seem to try

to embarrass me

at every turn.

I am from from black and blue memories with sour faces

I am from mistakes yellow painted memories wondering what happened to us all.

I’m from not having a home and wishing I could have a day to start a new

I am from plastic porcelain dolls to being the balloon on the anchor to women bound together by men and only by men.

The words I can remember faded in the all-consuming void.

Looking in the mirror do I like what I see? But why when I stare back does it look so empty

the things I feel these things can’t be real

they say the silent ones are those who hold the most.

I am from the image of Mango Street when the lives of other runs wild while my world is all in standing still.

I walk and talk in my head all these things I’ve said in my bed,

my life like a loud thud and then like the lightning gone with the sky so briefly. I see the end of the horizon wondering where ever it may go, I am from porcalien dolls with painted on faces I wonder I I can ever escape this.

I am from my name

Wishing my homeland wasn’t so far away

Thinking I’m living a horrible way.

I wish one day

To remember where I am from

So everyone

Who ever knew me

Could see

That things are never

What they seem to be

All this is where I am from that is me


depressing girl on mango st by thederpieness