Space project

mission to mars

BY:Fernando Cornejo

exploration rovers

Two of the rovers sent to mars to explore were the spirit rover which was launched on January 3, 2004 the 2nd one named opportunity which was launched on January 24, 2004.

Each weight 174 kl. (384 lb.)

They were both powered by solar power.

They were equipped with a panoramic camera, miniature thermal emission spectrometer,

moessbauer spectrometer, alpha particle x-ray spectrometer, microscopic imager, rock abrasion tool, navigation camera, haza avoidance cameras.

Here are the places each rover landed in.

Spirit: Gusev Crater Opportunity: Meridian planum

Both rovers were sent to mars to study rocks and soil that could help nasa scientists figure out if there used to be water in mars.

The spirit rover ended in march 2010.

But the opportunity is still going!!!!!!!!!!

Mars reconnissance orbiter

The orbiter was launched in august 12, 2005, from cape Canaveral, Florida,

it arrived to place on march 10, 2006.

Its weight at launch was 2,180 kl. (4,806 lb.) with fuel.

It was powered by solar panels and had a total of 6 instruments including the electra, context imager, hirise, crism, and marci.

The mission purpose was subsurface and atmosphere of Mars in unprecedented detail.

NASA dramatic documentary - mars reconnaissance orbiter piece for
Aureum Chaos, Mars

Mars Odyssey

Mars odyssey was launched on April 7, 2001, from Cape Canaveral, Florida and arrive to place on October 24, 2001.

The weight was 758 kl. (1,671 lb.) fueled.

It was powered by solar panels, it is equipped with 3--thermal imaging system(THEMIS), gamma ray spectrometer(GRS), mars radiation environment experiment(MARIE).

The purpose of the mission was to map out minerals and chemicals in the martian surface.