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Folklore and Fiestas in Madrid

Madrid is a city which is popular not only in Spain and Europe, but in the world at large. It is home to a popular football team that is famous all over. Apart from sports, there is a lot more to the capital city of Spain than meets the eye. Madrid is a commercial center and is actually the heart of all other regions of Spain. The government headquarters are located in this great city. The central location of this wonderful city has actually made it an ideal and most functional capital city that any country can ever have.

That said, it is important to note that there are many attractions in the Madrid area that are worth a visit. The best thing about this region is the fact that it is well developed and thus is able to cater for all tourists’ needs, whatever they may be. There are great accommodation facilities and a well established road and rail system. It is also a city that can be easily accessed by air as there are airports located here. Therefore, the region has really opened up to the public and the international community and is able to offer the very best holidays.

Something else to look forward to while in the region is the outstanding fiestas and folklore that are common in the area. There are many and each is unique from the other. If you get a chance to be part of any, you should count yourself quite privileged and take the offer so as to have the time of your life. Most locals refer to the area as la villa. In many places, you will see traditions come to life. The area used to have villages that have merged today so as to make the great city that we know.

New Year in Madrid is a big deal. The festivals that are associated with this are so amazing and beautiful that you will be dazed by the displays. People come together to celebrate and welcome the New Year in style. There is song and dance during such festivities and as the clock ticks to midnight, people try to eat some 12 grapes during the countdown. The grape eating symbolizes good luck in the year that commences. For those people who are not able to attend the event, they usually watch it on their televisions as it is aired. People engage in partying activities for the rest of the night.

There are many other festivals that one can witness in the area and all are quite colorful and organized and totally worth your time.

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Gran Canaria Beach Villas for Rent

The Canary Islands form an important set of tourist destinations in Spain, wide in reach and varied in the kind of experiences that they provide. And Gran Canaria is the second most populous region of the popular archipelago that has been inviting people from across the European continent and from the rest of the world. It is suggested that the early migrants and settlers into the Gran Canaria moved in as early as 500 BC – and hence, it should come as no surprise that this naturally beautiful and immensely attractive region has a whole range of Gran Canaria beach villas for rent, given the long history of people pouring into the region in search of leisure and pleasure.

People choose Gran Canaria beach villas for rent on account of the wide range of experiences that they stand to gain out of their stay in the region – the region is known for its microclimate, and the island is known as a miniature continent on account of the wide range of climates as well as for the variety of different landscapes that the island features. The climate tends to be colder towards the north and warmer towards the south, while the landscape is a lot more rocky and mountainous in the western side when compared with the beaches and plains of the east. Many Gran Canaria beach villas for rent could hence be found in the eastern side or towards the south eastern region of the island.

The coastline that is 147 miles long is enticing enough, giving as much variety and fun in water sports and activities as you would want. Whether your idea of a dream vacation is snorkelling, surfing, sailing, or scuba diving, you would have enough to do with the time that you invest in the island. Further, Gran Canaria beach villas for rent tend to be widely available with a range of facilities and amenities to suit individual needs and requirements and to accommodate the diverse range of travellers and their families who visit the archipelago.

When you are in some of the best Gran Canaria beach villas for rent, you could explore the Maspalomas Lighthouse that lies in the southern parts of the island amidst the fine sand dunes that are home to some of the well known names in hospitality. The beach of Playa del Ingles is touted as one of the best beaches suitable for families and kids, even as the Quiet Winters Club offers the perfect recluse to make a dream holiday. With Gran Canaria beach villas for rent, there is so much more to experience and enjoy.

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Gran Canaria Villas and Apartments

It is always a good idea to choose to stay in a place where you would lose yourself in the perfectly natural settings and divine beauty of your dream destination. Your accommodation is as important as the destination itself, a fact that is abundantly underscored by Gran Canaria villas and apartments. While the place itself is so fascinating, with an amazing range of flora inhabiting the region, and with so many climatic conditions being present to awe the tourist, combining the experience with the best amenities and facilities of Gran Canaria villas and apartments would make your day on a memorable holiday.

The island is said to have its own microenvironment, and the climatic conditions also vary widely in the different parts of the land. Gran Canaria varies widely in its altitude with mountainous ranges lying next to the slopes and the plains, along the vast oceans that surround it. The northern parts tend to be colder than the south – and the majority of Gran Canaria villas and apartments are concentrated in the central part of the southern region, mainly on account of the enchanting climatic conditions of the region.

Gran Canaria villas and apartments tend to be well equipped with well-planned, spacious rooms and even with heated swimming pools powered by solar power. These villas are planned to be located conveniently in areas where you would have access to supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and other basic facilities that you would need to have a comfortable stay. The kitchen is fully equipped that would let you get all kinds of cuisine that you would want to relish when on your special holidays.

The facilities and amenities apart, choosing to have Gran Canaria villas and apartments for their places of stay in the island lets them experience some of the best that the island has to offer. A majority of the island has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. There is a depression in the centre of the island, the Tejeda Caldera, which is in contrast with some of the peaks of the mountainous parts of the island, which reach out to almost 2000 metres above sea level. This is a land where nature is in its full spree, giving an experience that is unique and second to none. Gran Canaria villas and apartments provide the best in both the internal and external environments, leading to the best holidays that you could have.

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Best Memorable Holiday to Spain

Spain celebrates good living. This is the reason why the country is the ideal destination for a memorable holiday. With natural attractions and manmade creations aplenty, you can head to any part of the country for a pleasurable vacation.

Spain captivates visitors with its diverse landscapes. The lovely Mediterranean coastline, the idyllic Mediterranean and Atlantic islands, the scenic mountains of Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and Sierra Nevada and the lush plains and valleys, Spain mesmerizes visitors with its abundant natural beauty. The Spanish cities and towns are adorned with ornate buildings and structures, examples of the high standard of Spanish architecture that had blended the Roman, Gothic and Islamic elements. With year round fiestas and celebrations, visitors are tempted to visit this stunning country throughout the year.

Memorable Holiday Destinations in Spain

Best Beaches of Spain

The mild temperature, the spectacular sandy beaches and the clear water makes the Spanish coastline a popular beach holiday destination. The Mediterranean coast and the islands are dotted with resorts, villas and budget hotels. During high summer, the beaches and the coastal resorts are packed with tourists. Some of the finest white sandy beaches on the Mediterranean coast are located in Costa Blanca, the white beach. The rocky coastline of Costa Brava is noted for its scenic beauty. To the east of Gibraltar, Costa del Sol is home to some of the most developed beaches and upscale resorts. Costa Verde, the Green Coast, is the perfect place to escape the scorching heat of the summer. The secluded beaches of the region offer the privacy of a romantic vacation. Off the coast, the Balearic Islands are popular among families and couples. While the sleepy villages are the perfect retreat for a peaceful vacation, the coastal cities offer plenty of entertainment facilities.

Best Cities of Spain

You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Spanish cities. With plenty of sightseeing and entertainment facilities scattered across the cities of Spain, almost every discerning traveler includes at least one of the prominent Spanish cities in their itinerary. The most visited cities of Spain include Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Granada, Seville, Palma, Santiago, Salamanca and Cordoba. Each of these cities has their own distinct character. Every city of Spain has harmoniously amalgamated the rich Spanish tradition with a vibrant cosmopolitan culture.

Best Towns and Villages

However, it is the small towns and villages of Spain that have preserved the authentic Spanish tradition and culture. Nestled in the lush countryside of Spain are numerous castles and religious sites.

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Best Place for a Family Holiday in Costa Brava

When we think of Costa Brava, the image that conjures up is that of idyllic golden sandy beaches, clear water of the Mediterranean, secluded coves, rugged cliffs, pine forests, medieval towns, and sleepy fishing villages.

In a region blessed with abundant natural opulence, it is difficult to identify a single place for a family holiday. There are a number of resorts equipped with leisure facilities, ideal for families who want to enjoy the splendour of Mediterranean in Spain.

Tossa de Mar

The ancient fishing village of Tossa de Mar is at present one of the leading holiday destinations for families in Costa Brava. Approximately 103 km from Barcelona, it is home to family friendly beaches replete with recreational facilities. The shallow waters of the Tossa Beach near the walls of the medieval castle and the northern edge of Mar Menuda are safe swimming areas for families with children. Glass-bottom boat trips are the safest mode of exploring the rich marine life inhabiting the waters of the Mediterranean. There is a play area fitted with swings for kids, near the main beach. The Sa Riera Park with an artificial pond inhabited by ducks and other aquatic birds is an attractive place worth visiting in Tossa de Mar. Take a break from your beach activities to visit the village. A small train carries tourists around this stunning coastal village. Tossa has several interesting prehistoric archaeological sites. The remnants of the early human settlements in Costa Brava are preserved in Tossa Municipal
Museum. There are also remains of ancient Roman villas in Els Ametllers. The historic town of Tossa is a fortified town of the 15th century where you will discover remains of Gothic monuments. Other attractions of the region worth visiting include Moors’ Tower, Chapel of Mare de deu del Socors, and the farmhouses of Can Ganga and Can Magi.

Calella De La Costa

Packed with recreational facilities on the beach and in the town, Calella De La Costa is one of the leading destinations for family holiday vacations in Costa Brava. Its mild Mediterranean climate makes, Calella De La Costa a popular summer holiday destination. Its clean sandy beaches are the ideal playground for children. The seafront restaurants serve scrumptious local delicacies. The town with its cobbled streets and unpretentious whitewashed houses and lovely churches is a peaceful retreat for travelers to Costa Brava. The popular aquatic parks and theme parks of the region are a short distance from the coastal town.

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Budget Family Hotel and Resort in Spain

With numerous blue flag beaches scattered across the coast, Spain is the ideal destination for a family vacation. The family friendly resorts offer plenty of scope for recreational activities assuring a fan-packed vacation for children and adults.

The popular resorts of Spain contain a large number of budget hotels where quality services are provided at a reasonable rate. You may easily avail affordable all-inclusive family holiday packages in one of the star-hotels of the tourist resorts. In addition, there are several self-catering apartments in the resorts or in their neighborhood.

However, a budget family hotel is Spain is not necessarily an unpretentious place. The budget hotels situated in the coastal resorts and countryside are tastefully decorated. The Spaniard’s love for good life is reflected in the interior decor of these hotels with features borrowed from boutique hotels. Even the Spanish bed and breakfast accommodations are quite different from the traditional bed and breakfast inns in other parts of Europe. Here bed and breakfast accommodations are available in quaint farmhouses and villas.

Popular Destinations for Budget Family Hotel and Resort


The resorts of Costa del Sol are packed with a number of budget hotels. Torremolinos, the largest holiday resort of the Andalusian Costa of Spain is home to a number of budget hotels. With a large number of cheap eateries, this resort of Costa del Sol is perfect for budget holidays. With entertainment facilities aplenty including an amusement park near the resort, you are assured of a memorable vacation with your family on the Spanish coast.

Playa del Ingles

You will find a number of budget hotels in this large resort in Gran Canaria. The cozy holiday home complexes of Playa del Ingles are popular budget accommodations for families. Dotted with restaurants, Playa del Ingles is a great place for savouring scrumptious seafood dishes at a reasonable price. With Playa del Ingles as your base, you can visit some of the popular leisure venues of Gran Canaria including the aqua park, crocodile park and the aquarium botanical garden.

Tossa de Mar

For a cheap family vacation in Costa Brava, head to one of the budget hotels of Tossa de Mar. The family friendly beach and the shallow water near the Tossa beach are popular for family beach activities.


With a number of quality hotels scattered across Corralejo, you may select this costal town near Fuerteventura as your affordable beach holiday destination. Corralejo is one of the popular venues for water sports and other beach activities.

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The Andalusia Region In Spain

Andalusia is one of the most popular places in Spain. There is a lot that you will be able to enjoy while in this region and the decision to tour here will seldom be regretted. There is a lot of potential in all the area and you should never expect anything less from a totally great holiday.

The capital of the Andalusian region is Seville. The provinces found here include Seville, Malaga, Huelva, Granada, Jaen, Cordoba, Almeria and Cadiz. All these provinces are significant in their own sense.

Spain is divided into several autonomous regions. The area with the highest population is actually Andalusia. It is the second largest region in all of Spain. There are many landscapes that you will be able to see while in this region. The climate is benign and the population very friendly to all that tour the area. It is quite an attractive region and receives its share of visitors every year.

Andalusia experiences some 3000 hours of sun every year. It also has countless beach areas with very beautiful natural ports everywhere you go. It is therefore a place with great history as these ports located here were once used by Phoenician navigators for safe refuge back in 1000bc.

In the coastal regions of Cadiz and Huelva, you will find some very fine beaches that correspond to the Atlantic Ocean. The coast of the Mediterranean has a climate that is smoother and has much less wind while the temperature is little bit on the high. The stretch is from Almeria to strait of Gibraltar.

The Guadalquivir River crosses Almeria. It has often been referred to as the father of all old civilizations. Very significant monuments have since been left behind in the region especially at the border regions. The mountain ranges such as Sistemas Beticos and Sierra Morena are located here.

There are a lot of offers that lie open for all visitors. You will find golden beaches, beautiful ranges of mountains, artisanry and deep folklore. You will also find a varied selection of flora and fauna in the area as well as white villages. Here, there are a lot of sports that you can engage in such as surfing and skiing. The conditions available in Cadiz for skiing purposes are the best in all the region and Europe at large.

Andalusia is believed to be the start of Spanish folklore. Flamenco and bullfighting are widely practiced in the area. This is where you can get the original versions of both the above. Some myths like Carmen and Don Juan started here. Traditions here will be highly appreciated.

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The Cantabria Coast

Cantabria is a great coastal area and you will find that a majority of the people here live close to the sea. It is a place where you can have great sea food as well as a variety of wines. The city of Santander is this area’s capital and is situated near a bay that is quite wide. The port area is very natural and is protected so that there is no over exploitation in that particular area. It lies between La Coruna and Bordeaux.

There are many coastal towns that are outstanding in their beauty in the region of Cantabria. They include places such as Santillana as well as the cave of Altamira which is very popular all over the world. There are also a number of estuaries here just like those that are found in the area of Galicia. The beaches are quite sandy and scattered all over are some of the most gorgeous villages ever. In the background, there is a dominance of cliffs as well as mountains.

One of the best places in Cantabria is Comillas. This is a town that has a harbor as well as great monuments like Comillas University and El Capriccio. The latter is the work of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. The beach here is very wide and bears sands that are white. It is a place to behold as it is totally beautiful. The Altamira cave as well as Santillana area is close by. The area you will have to cover to reach them is some 17 kilometers which is quite small compared to all you will get to enjoy and see.

Another town with unbelievable beauty is Suances. It lies 98m above the sea level. It is located near the origin of the Besaya River. It also lies in green field areas as well as near the sea and cliffs. It is a place of great beauty. You will have some very unbelievable views while here and a great time at the beach areas that have seen tourists come and go since the 19th century.

Playa De Cuchia is yet another great beach. It lies in Miengo municipality. The sands are golden and can be accessed even by people who are handicapped. Santander also has a popular beach that is worth a visit.

The beach area of Playa D e Langre is on the eastern side of the region. The beach is dominated by cliffs as a background making it one of the most scenic beach areas in the world. Windsurfers have a great time here and even nudists in the areas which are a bit remote.

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The Developing Extremadura Region

There are regions in Spain that are obviously more popular than others while others have not hit the limelight yet even though they have all the potential to become great tourist attractions. One of such regions is Extremadura. Its capital is Merida.

The region has two provinces namely Caceres and the area of Badajoz. The capital is a great attraction as it has a lot to showcase to any discerning tourist. The capital has outstanding ruins related to the Roman era in the country. The capital was very important to the development of the Roman Empire in the region and it has since been accorded a very important place in the history relating to Spain. There is a lot of history to be retold while at the capital city of Merida.

The landscapes that you can expect to see in Extremadura are ranges of mountains, rivers, valleys as well as some plain lands. The climate in the region is very fair and therefore ideal for touristic ventures. The summers are quite warm while the winters are cold.

There are many nature parks in the region where you can get to see the different kinds of flora and fauna that have been conserved in the area. The river areas as well as the valleys give a platform where the parks have been situated. They provide the necessary elements that are needed in this set up.

Extremadura is not as popular as some other regions in Spain are. It is therefore a place that you may opt for if you want exclusivity and a unique experience. There are many offers that you will find here. The traditions, cultures, dress codes, artisanry in ceramics, works of metals as well as embroidery works can be found in plenty here. The food is also excellent and includes sausages, game, trout as well as very good wine.

The area has conserved traditions and the natural set ups so as to achieve something quite unique for any person who wants an experience in the true rural Spain. When a holiday to the area is well planned, you can be sure that the experience will be quite unforgettable and totally worth your time.

The fact that not many people have yet discovered the area means that there is a great opportunity to have a great and exclusive time at the area at your own discretion. Here you will have a great time with locals as you enjoy their traditions and life in the Spanish way.

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10 Must-See Attractions in Valencia

Valencia is packed with attractions. A city that was founded by the Romans and prospered under the Moors and the Catholic Monarchs is one of the most attractive cities of Spain. Here marvelous medieval buildings share space with modern surrealist structures, creating a city that boasts of architectural diversity. The scene of Spanish art and culture, Valencia is the perfect destination for experiencing the vibrant Spanish life.

Must-See Attractions in Valencia

1. City of Arts and Sciences

The 2km long City of Arts and Science is Europe’s largest scientific complex. Comprising of avant-garde buildings, the large science and cultural complex is the site of Principe Felipe Science Museum, L’Oceanografic, the largest aquarium in Europe, Hemisferic, a venue of digital films, Agora for cultural and social activities and the Reina Sofia Palace of Art.

2. Valencia Cathedral and Miguelete Tower

The marvelous Gothic Cathedral with its ornate gates, stunning interior and the Gothic bell tower is the symbol of high standard of Spanish architecture. It is worth exploring the Plaza de la Virgin, the site of the Cathedral, which in the past was the venue of the Roman forum.

3. Lonja de la Seda

The Lonja or the Silk Exchange is a 15th century trading site. Its fascinating architecture, resembling the medieval castles, is a fascinating example of Gothic civil architecture.

4. Palau de la Musica Auditorium

One of the best concert halls of Europe, the auditorium, adjacent the scenic Turia Gardens, is renowned for its contemporary architectural style and outstanding acoustic quality. Listening to a concert in the auditorium is one of the best cultural experiences in Valencia.

5. La Exposicion Bridge

A wonder of modern architecture, La Exposicion Bridge is a symbol of avant-garde construction of modern day Valencia.

6. Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno

The modern art museum of Valencia is a famous museum of contemporary art. The museum is a treasure house of 20th century art forms including abstract, pop and European Informalism.

7. Valencia Museum of Fine Arts

The art galleries of the Valencia museum, located in a Baroque-style building, have a large collection of works of artists of the Valencian school and other famous Spanish artists.

8. La Malvarrosa Beach

Visit the La Malvarrosa beach to experience the scintillating nightlife of Valencia. During the day, it is a popular venue for beach sports.

9. San Jose Fallas Festival

The Fallas Festival is one of the most vibrant fiestas of Spain. During the festival, the city comes alive with colorful processions, noisy fireworks, open-air cultural events and bullfights.

10. Easter Week

The Easter Week celebrated in the maritime quarter of Valencia is one of the oldest religious festivals of Valencia.

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10 Top Attractions in Madrid Spain

Madrid is a fascinating city. Here the traditional and contemporary coexist in harmony. The historic quarter of the city with its narrow cobbled streets and medieval buildings and churches are as startling as the flashy skyscrapers of the modern city.

Replete with attractions, it takes weeks to explore this lovely capital city of Spain. Nonetheless, the discerning traveler who wants to experience the spirit of Madrid would prefer visiting the most popular attractions of the city.

Top Attractions in Madrid

1. Royal Castle

Built on the site of an old Moorish castle, the 18th century Royal Castle provides an insight into the regal lifestyle of Spain’s royals. The neoclassical-style castle was designed by the famous Spanish architects Sachetti and Sabateni. Surrounded by luxurious gardens, Royal castle is one of the most visited attractions of Madrid.

2. Plaza Mayor Square

An important landmark of Madrid, Plaza Mayor Square is a popular venue for public events. The rectangular space around the bronze statue of Felipe III is dotted with traditional shops, cafes and bars.

3. Buen Retiro Park

The large pond, crystal palace, monument, rose garden and the astronomical observatory are the main attractions of Buen Retiro Park. It is home to several ancient trees of Madrid.

4. Prado Museum

Art aficionados cannot miss the art galleries of the world famous Prado Museum. The art museum boasts of the best collections of Spanish paintings created by the famous Spanish artists from 11th to 18th centuries including Goya, El Greco, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Titian and Bosch.

5. Reina Sofia National Art Museum

This art museum of Madrid is dedicated to the artworks of the 20th century artists of Spain including Salvador Dali, Miro, Picasso and others.

6. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

The museum houses large collections of fine arts from the 14th to the 20th century. Most of the artworks were donated to the museum by the Thyssen-Bornemisza family.

7. Descalzas Reales Monastery

A 16th century convent that once housed aristocratic women who wanting to be the bride of Christ brought to the convent dowries, making it one of the richest convents of Christendom. The convent contains a large collection of priceless paintings and other artifacts.

8. Encarnacion Monastery

Near the Royal Plaza, this 17th century convent has a large collection of paintings and sculptures. One of the prominent attractions of the monastery is the solidified blood of St Pantaleon preserved in a glass orb.

9. Royal Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanical Garden is home to thousands of indigenous and exotic plant species. It is a popular destination in the itinerary of nature lovers in Madrid.

10. Toros Plaza

This is the popular bull-fighting arena of Madrid. From November to March, it serves as venue for circus.

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15 Top Things to do in Madrid Spain

With attractions aplenty, it takes weeks to explore every nook and corner of Madrid. The stunning capital city of Spain boasts of gorgeous monuments, world famous art museums, vibrant plazas and a scintillating nightlife. The sightseeing tours to this lovely city offer an insight into the lively Spanish culture and its delicious cuisine.

Top things to do in Madrid

1. Visit Art Museums

For centuries, Spain has produced some of the most famous artists of the world. The masterpieces created by them are displayed in the art museums of Madrid. The three most famous art museums of the city that should not be missed by visitors to Madrid are Prada, Reina Sofia and Thyssen.

2. Explore Plaza Mayor

The 17th century Plaza is one of the most vibrant public places in Madrid. Dotted with traditional shops and cafes, it is a popular venue for various public events.

3. Visit Royal Palace

Although the royal family no longer lives in Palacio Real or the Royal Palace, nonetheless, the ornate palace with 2800 rooms located in lush gardens will give you an idea of the lifestyle of the Spanish royals.

4. Relax in Buen Retiro Park

With gardens and parks scattered across the city, Madrid is among the greenest capital cities of the world. One of the most scenic gardens worth visiting is Buen Retiro Park at the heart of the city.

5. Experience Hollywood in Warner Brothers Movie World

This theme park is a slice of Hollywood in Madrid where you will come across the famous cartoon characters and sets of famous movies.

6. Watch Flamenco

Watch the Spanish dancers perform flamenco in one of the popular theatres of Madrid. Consider visiting Torres Bermejas or Casta Patas.

7. Savour Delicacies in Tapas Bars

Madrid is dotted with tapas bars where you can sample the local Spanish wines and liquor with delicious tapas.

8. Buy Montecados from Carboneras Convent

Montecados are delicious cookies baked by nuns of the Carboneras Convent. Through a grille, these sweet delicacies are sold to customers.

9. Dine in one of the old restaurants

Madrid is home to some of the oldest Spanish restaurants that serve the finest traditional dishes of Spain. The popular destinations for gourmands include the 300 years old El Sobrino de Botin, Casa Ciriaco and La Bola.

10. Watch bullfight at Las Ventas

To watch this ancient Spanish sport, head to the Las Ventas bull ring.

11. Watch football in Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

Madrid is also home to the famous Real Madrid football team. The football stadium Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is a popular destination for soccer enthusiasts.

12. Legend of St Pantaleon in Encarnacion Monastery

In addition to its stunning 17th century architecture, colorful murals and sculptures, Encarnacion Monastery also houses the solidified blood of St Pantaleon.

13. Visit the Descalzas Reales Convent

Descalzas Reales, one of the richest convents in Spain, contains collections of priceless artifacts brought by the nuns who belonged to aristocratic families of Spain.

14. Visit El Rastro

Different from the upscale shops of the city, El Rastro, the largest flea market of Europe, is a great place for buying antiques.

15. Enjoy in a Nightclub

Experience the lively nightlife of Madrid in one of the nightclubs of the city.

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Guide to Cordoba, Spain

Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River and bordered by the Sierra Morena Mountains on the north, Cordoba is a magnificent Spanish city in Andalusia. It is one of the early sites of human settlements in Spain.

Cordoba was a prominent Roman city, which was later occupied by the Byzantines and the Visigoths. Cordoba reached the peak of its splendour under the Arab rulers. The history and tradition of Cordoba is preserved in its numerous historical monuments, making the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Despite its vibrant past, Cordoba in every sense is a modern Spanish city. It boasts of outstanding modern infrastructure and facilities. It has a good transportation network that connects it to other parts of Spain. The city is also a popular hub of Spanish culture.

Things to do and see in Cordoba

Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Undoubtedly, the most popular attraction of Spain, the Great Mosque-Cathedral is a gorgeous Arab monument. Constructed at the site of a Visigothic church, the 10th century mosque is known for its stunning prayer hall comprising of countless columns, magnificent mihrab, open courtyard and colourful interior. Despite inclusion of Christian elements such as a Baroque-style altarpiece and choir after its conversion into a cathedral, the Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba has retained most of its Moorish elements until date.

Roman Bridge

Next to the Great Mosque, the Roman Bridge was Cordoba’s sole bridge for about two thousand years. The bridge over the Guadalquivir River served as a link between Cordoba and the Calahorra castle.

Calahorra Castle

Built on the site of a Moorish castle, the Calahorra castle was built to defend Cordoba from the armies of Peter I. Situated next to the Roman Bridge, the castle currently houses three cultural museums of Cordoba.

Roman Temple

The vestige of a Roman Temple near the Town Hall is one of the popular historic monuments worth exploring in Cordoba.


Near the Great Mosque-Cathedral, the Jewish quarter of Cordoba is home to the Synagogue. The décor is inspired by Mudejar elements of the 14th century.

Alcazar Fortress of the Christian Monarchs

In the southwestern edge of the historic town, the residence of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain is magnificent Gothic palace and fortress. Surrounded by a luxurious garden, the building also served as the Inquisition Headquarter.

Medina Azahara

On the outskirts of Cordoba, Medina Azahara is one of the finest symbols of Hispanic-Islamic architecture. Spread over 112 hectares, this city of the Caliphs is a magnificent palace city of medieval Spain.

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Historical Monuments in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the oldest cities of Spain. Steeped in history, the city is a favourite destination for history lovers. The historical monuments of Barcelona are outstanding works of art that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Catalonia.

With historical monuments scattered across the city, it takes several days to discover the history of this fascinating Spanish city.

Historical Monuments in Barcelona

Barcelona Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral is a symbol of the high standard of Catalan Gothic architecture. Most of the cathedral was constructed during the 14th century. Although different parts of the cathedral were added in the later centuries, the works were done according to the 14th century design.

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

An outstanding 19th century church built by Gaudi for the Sagrada Family, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral is one of the most visited religious monuments in Barcelona. Its ornate façade and the gorgeous interior are examples of Gaudi’s distinctive architectural style.

Casa Mila La Pedrera House

One of the well-known works of Gaudi, the highlights of Casa Mila La Pedrera House are its undulating exterior, iron balconies, courtyards and rooms. The 20th century building is one of the finest examples of modernist architectural style popularized by the famous Spanish architect.

Augusto Roman Temple

The vestige of the 1st century Roman temple is a popular attraction of Barcelona. Located in a beautiful garden, it was the site of the Roman forum, tribunal and a market.

Christopher Columbus Monument

The 52 m tall column crowned by a bronze statue of Columbus is one of the famous landmarks of Barcelona. Built in the 19th century for the first international exhibition of Spain, the gorgeous monument is a memorial for the famous explorer. On the top of the column, a viewing platform offers a panoramic view of the city.

Old Santa Creu Hospital

The 15th century Gothic building was an ancient hospital of Barcelona. The highlights of the building are its arcaded courtyard and a small church.

Pedralbes Monastery

Pedralbes Monastery is a 14th century monastery built in Gothic style. The single nave church with rose windows is the main attraction of the monastery.

Cervello Palace

A 15th century palace built in Gothic style with ornate Renaissance façade is one of the finest examples of Catalan architecture of Barcelona.

Roman Necropolis

This ancient funeral monument comprises of tombs lying in a lush garden. It was used as a burial ground during the second and third centuries.

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Holiday Accommodation in Costa Brava

With Costa Brava being one of the most visited regions of Spain, holiday accommodations tailored to different requirements and budgets are available in all corners of the southeastern Spanish Costa.

Costa Brava is renowned for its mesmerizing beauty. Travelers from around the world are drawn to the Spanish coast with the turquoise water of the Mediterranean lapping on the golden sandy beaches, rugged rocky outcrops framing the shore and luxurious vegetation covering the picturesque mountains.

Different types of holiday rentals are available in Costa Brava. There are hotels, apartments and villas.

Holiday Accommodation in Costa Brava


From budget bed and breakfast accommodations to luxurious five-star hotels, a wide range of hotels are scattered across the cities and resorts of Costa Brava. To indulge in the luxuries of regal living, stay in a parador. The former palaces, fortresses or monasteries now house some of the luxurious hotels of Spain. There are several five-star hotels and numerous four and three-star hotels in Costa Brava. The popular seaside resorts boast of a number of boutique hotels. Quality budgets hotels are available in every region of Costa Brava. Accommodations in the all-inclusive hotels comprise of standard and deluxe rooms and luxurious suites. Swimming pools, garden, play area, gym, internet facility, restaurants and bars are common features of the popular hotels of Costa Brava. The upscale hotels also offer spa treatment. There are ample scope for leisure and entertainment in the plush hotels of Costa Brava.


Apartments are popular self-catering accommodations, available in every city and town of Costa Brava. There are numerous furnished studio apartments as well as lavish modern apartments with two or more bedrooms. Designed for self-catering holiday, the apartments offer a wide range of facilities including tastefully furnished bedrooms, en suite or shared bathrooms, elegant living space and fully equipped kitchen. Laundry service and internet connections are available in the Costa Brava apartments. Guests can access communal swimming pools, restaurants, bars and health facilities.


Holiday villas are located in scenic properties across Costa Brava. These self-catering accommodations are suitable for romantic holidays as well as family vacations. Equipped with every conceivable amenity, they are the perfect venues for relaxing in the rustic surrounding of popular Costa Brava resorts. Beachfront villas and villas with swimming pools are the most sought after self-catering holiday rentals in the towns and villages of Costa Brava. From traditional Catalonian farmhouses to modern Spanish buildings, the villas are also admirable for their stunning architecture.

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Holiday Apartments & Villas in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the most visited islands of Spain. Its 236 km long coastline is dotted with a number of scenic beaches. Apart from its long sandy beaches, the island is a popular venue for water sports in the Canary Islands. The comfortable year round weather condition lures beach vacationers to Gran Canaria throughout the year.

With apartments and villas located across the island, holiday rentals are easily available in Gran Canaria. The southern part of Gran Canaria is the most attractive holiday area of the island. It has the maximum number of holiday facilities. Several scenic self-catering holiday facilities and bed and breakfast accommodations are available in the other parts of the island.

Holiday Apartments in Gran Canaria

Apartments catering to different budgets are available on rent. The furnished apartments with self-catering facility are tailored to meet the needs of couples, families and even solitary travelers.

They are less expensive than the luxurious villas. Hence, they can serve as the perfect lodging for affordable vacations in Gran Canaria. However, the rentals vary according to the size and facilities available in the apartment. Holiday apartments are located in the popular beach resorts of Gran Canaria including Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, San Agustin, Mogan and the capital city of Las Palmas. In addition to air-conditioned furnished rooms, fully equipped kitchen, telephone, TV, fridge and hot water facility, there are other shared leisure facilities. The large apartment complexes have communal swimming pools, including heated swimming pools and separate swimming areas for kids in some places, laundry service, internet, play area, lounge and garden. The upscale apartment complexes also have restaurant, café, supermarket and even a mini golf course.

Holiday Villas in Gran Canaria

Attractive island villas are found along the coast and inland, nestled in the scenic countryside. The villa rents are related to the facilities and services. The upscale villas with pools are the favorite self-catering vacation destinations in Gran Canaria. The lovely holiday homes offer air-conditioned bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, lively living and dining areas and fully equipped kitchen. Fridge, dishwasher and washing machine are available in every holiday villa. The poolside and terraces are furnished with loungers and parasols. Villas are easily available in the popular tourist resorts of Gran Canaria such as Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, Mogan, Puerto Rico and San Agustin. The demand for holiday homes escalate during the holiday seasons when without advanced booking you may not find an appropriate villa.

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Vacation Rentals in Tossa de Mar Spain

Tossa de Mar is a beautiful seaside resort in Costa Brava. With lovely beaches to relax, it is the perfect hideaway for a romantic holiday. The family friendly beaches of the resort are equipped with water sports facilities. You can lounge on the beach, dive to explore the colorful marine life or explore the historic quarter of Tossa.

A popular beach holiday destination in Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar offers a wide range of vacation rentals. There are luxurious villas, unpretentious rural country houses, cottages and modern apartments. According to your budget and specific requirements, you can easily find an appropriate accommodation in Tossa de Mar.

Types of Vacation Rentals in Tossa de Mar


Tossa de Mar is dotted with different types of villas. From simple farmhouses with lavish villas packed with an array of leisure facilities, villas suitable for different budgets are available in the seaside resorts.

The most sought after Tossa de Mar villas are located near the beach overlooking the sea. The villa rentals tend to vary throughout the year. It peaks during the summer month, the peak tourist season in Costa Brava. Attractive discounts are offered during the rest of the year. There are small one-bedroom cozy villas, ideal for romantic vacations. The larger villas with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms are rented by families and large groups of travelers. Fitted with contemporary facilities including a fully equipped kitchen, villas are popular options for self-catering holidays. Apart from lodging, villas offer leisure facilities. The upscale villas have swimming pools. The larger ones boast of separate swimming pools for kids. They even have small playgrounds or indoor games facilities. Regardless of size, most villas have an outdoor barbecue area located in a lush garden. Some of them even offer broadband connections. Most of the villas also have a parking space where guests can park their vehicles.


Apartments are ideal for people you want to spend several days in the beautiful Costa Brava resort. Equipped with self-catering facilities, they offer an array of contemporary amenities. Apartments in Tossa de Mar are affordable. They are the perfect accommodations for couples and families. The apartment rental rates vary according to their location and services. There are simple apartments with basic amenities as well as lavish luxurious apartments. The bedrooms and living areas are tastefully decorated. The kitchen is fitted with necessary appliances essential for preparing meals. Wi-Fi facilities are available in the upscale apartments. Guests can access the communal swimming pools and other shared facilities.

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Valencia Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

Valencia is touted to be one of the most romantic cities of Spain. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, the city is a treasure house of art and architecture. It is dotted with marvelous buildings that are in true Spanish architectural tradition are a conglomeration of the Romanesque, Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Neo-classical architectural styles.

Valencia is also home to museums, parks and gardens. It also has a great coast. A popular destination for vacationers to the Costa Blanca, Valencia offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities.

Popular Attractions of Valencia

Plaza de la Virgen

One of the popular public squares of Valencia, Plaza de la Virgen is the site of the gorgeous Valencia Cathedral and the Miguelete Tower. During the Roman period, the plaza was the venue of the Roman forum. The cathedral is an imposing Gothic structure with elements of Romanesque, Baroque, Renaissance and Mudejar architecture. The Miguelete Tower, the bell tower of the cathedral, offers a panoramic view of Valencia from the top. The other attractions of the plaza include the Santo Domingo Convent and Virgen de los Desamparados Basilica.

Silk Exchange

The 15th century Silk Exchange of Valencia, built in the Gothic style, is one of the finest civil Gothic architectures in Europe. This ancient venue for silk trading with its ornate interior is a World Heritage site.

Museums of Valencia

Valencia is one of the fine art hubs of Spain. The works of the Valencian artists are archived in the art museums of the city. San Pio V Museum of Fine Arts is one of the leading art museums of the city. It contains works of artists of the Valencian school. The museum also contains masterpieces of famous artists of other Spanish schools. The art galleries of the Valencian Institute of Modern Art display artworks of 20th century artists. Another popular art museum in Valencia worth visiting is the Patriarch’s Museum located in the Corpus Christi Seminary. A large collection of ceramics is preserved in the Gonzalez Marti National Ceramics Museum.

Parks and Gardens

The gardens and parks of Valencia are popular venues for leisure activities. Gulliver’s Park is a prominent recreational park for children. The Botanical Garden is among the greenest areas of the city. The luxurious Turia and Monforte gardens with their neoclassic layout are popular attractions of Valencia. The Arts and Science Centre, Principe Felipe Science Museum and the L’Oceanografic aquarium attract a large number of tourists.

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Villas and Apartments to Rent in Spain

Spain is admired for its wide range of holiday rentals. From modern apartments in residential areas to lavish villas in a calm picturesque rustic setting, a variety of self-catering accommodations can be rented during vacations.

With freedom to prepare meals and plan travel itineraries, self-catering holidays are perfectly suited for independent travelers. While holidaying in one of the Spanish cities, you may rent an apartment for a week or more. Apartment rentals are also available in the prominent seaside resorts. For a self-catering holiday in one of the scenic corners of the country, a large number of people traveling with family or friends opt for villa rentals.

Villas in Spain

From simple country houses to lavish villas with pools, different types of villa rentals are available in Spain. Although villa rentals tend to be higher than apartment rentals, nonetheless, the high standard of amenities offered by the villas, make them the perfect holiday homes for pleasurable vacations. The interior of the villas are tastefully decorated with traditional or modern furnishing. Air-conditioning and heating facilities are available. The kitchens are equipped with essential appliances. The villas come with different pool options. There are villas with unheated and heated pools. Some of the upscale villas also offer outdoor Jacuzzi. Children’s swimming pools are present in a number of luxurious villas. With lovely garden, terrace, barbecue area and parking lot, the holiday villas offer every essential amenity of modern living.

Villas are located in the privacy of secluded properties in towns and villages. A number of villa rentals are available on the outskirts of the large cities or in the suburbs. Villa rentals are especially popular in the coastal areas. Nestled inland, in the wooded areas of the Spanish countryside, beautiful holiday villas sheltered by orchards and vineyards are popular hideaways from the crowded resorts.

Apartments in Spain

Apartments are available in every large and small cities and towns of Spain. Apartments overlooking the sea are especially popular among tourists. Apartments are easily available in the residential areas. The rentals depend upon the available facilities. These self-catering accommodations come with furnished bedrooms and living areas and fully equipped kitchen. Studio apartments are appropriate for couples, whereas families or groups of friends traveling together may rent the larger apartments with two or more bedrooms. Apartment complexes in tourist resorts offer several shared facilities including communal swimming pool, café, bar, restaurant, health facility, shop and parking lot.

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Villas to Rent in Mallorca and Menorca

Mallorca is the largest and most visited island of Spain’s Balearic Islands, whereas, Menorca is the best-kept secrets of the archipelago. Boasting of idyllic beaches, secluded coves sheltered by pine groves, clear azure water of the Mediterranean, nature reserve, prehistoric sites and historic towns, the Balearic Islands draw visitors from all corners of the planet.

While Mallorca is home to the largest number of developed beaches of the Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean, the unspoiled coastline of Menorca offers the best pristine beaches of Balearic Islands. With holiday villas scattered across both the islands, Mallorca and Menorca are popular destinations for self-catering holidays.

Villas in Mallorca and Menorca

From beachfront villas to quaint farmhouse villas nestled in the scenic countryside, a variety of holiday homes catering to different budgets are available in the popular islands of the Balearic archipelago. The cozy one-bedroom villas can accommodate two to three people. The two to three-bedroom villas are the most popular self-catering accommodations in the islands. For accommodating larger groups, there are the lavish villas with upscale facilities. Despite proximity to the beach, numerous island villas have private swimming pools. Surrounded by gardens, the villas are the ideal retreats for blissful vacation. With availability of almost every contemporary facility, weary travelers may confine themselves in the attractive villas for a few days.


Villas are usually concentrated in the most visited areas of the islands close to the beach. A number of upscale properties are also located in the secluded parts of the island. In Menorca, Cala’n Porter has a large number of attractive beach villas. On the south coast of Menorca, barely 20 minutes from the Mahon Airport, Cala’n Porter is the most popular seaside resort of the island. For a blissful vacation in Menorca, rent a villa on the south east coast of the island in Binibeca. The rusting setting of the fishing village is a respite from the hectic city life. On the north coast of Menorca, villa rentals are available in Son Parc. Families may head to the villas of Son Bou near the family friendly beach of the resort.

Home to numerous stunning villas, Mallorca is a leading destination for luxurious villas holidays in the Balearic Islands. The north coast of the island has the largest number of beach villas. There is a huge demand for villas in Puerto Pollensa. The vibrant Palma Area has a number of scenic private villas. You can find an appropriate villa at Cala D’Or.

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My Top 10 Places to Visit in Spain

Spain is a fascinating country with abundant attractions. Admired for its gorgeous historic cities, scenic islands, picturesque countryside and scenic coastal towns and villages, it is one of the most-visited countries of Europe.

There is plenty of possibility for pleasurable vacations all over Spain.

Top Places to Visit in Spain

1. Barcelona

One of the most beautiful cities of Spain, Barcelona is home to the finest works of famous Catalan architects. Adorned with gorgeous cathedrals and avant-garde buildings, Barcelona is the best place for viewing modern Spanish art and architecture.

2. Madrid

The capital of Spain is a hub of Spanish art and culture. The Royal Palace, the art museums and the parks and gardens are the prominent attractions of Madrid.

3. Valencia

Harmoniously blending tradition with modernism, Valencia is a charming city on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Its scenic marina and lovely beaches attract a large number of sunbathers and water sport enthusiasts.

4. Seville

The historic quarter of Seville is home to outstanding Hispanic-Moorish buildings and monuments. This cultural centre of Andalusia is popular for its flamenco performances and tapas bars.

5. Cordoba

One of the oldest Andalusian cities, Cordoba is known for its Islamic architecture, reminiscent of Spain’s Moorish past. The Great Mosque-Cathedral, one of the finest examples of Moorish architecture of Spain, is the leading attraction of Cordoba. The Alcazar fortress of the Christian Monarchs and the Medina Azahara are other attractions of Cordoba worth exploring.

6. Granada

Boasting of its Al-Andalus heritage, Granada is a charming historic city framed by the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Strong Moorish influence is visible in the art and architecture of Granada. The palaces and fortress of Alhambra are the leading attractions of Granada.

7. Majorca

The largest of the Balearic Islands is home to lovely beaches. The coastline is dotted with facilities for water sports and other recreation. Apart from the coast, attractions are aplenty inlands. There is a number of hiking and walking trails in the mountainous regions of Majorca.

8. Gran Canaria

The diverse coastal landscape comprising of golden sandy and dark volcanic sand beaches flanked by dunes and framed by the turquoise water of the Atlantic and rugged mountains, Gran Canaria is a slice of paradise in the Atlantic Ocean.

9. Salamanca

Salamanca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the oldest university town of Spain. Home to the oldest university of Spain and one of the oldest in Europe, Salamanca is noted for its youthful ambiance.

10. Santiago de Compostela

Since the 9th century, Santiago de Compostela had attracted Christian pilgrims. The Cathedral of Santiago is one of the most sacred monuments in the Christian world. The city is also a hub of art, culture and gastronomy.

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Natural History of the Canary Islands

Admired for its biodiversity with a large number of faunal and floral species endemic to the Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, it is worth exploring the natural history of the Canary Islands.

The Canarian archipelago owes its unique ecology to its long geological history that helped to shape its landscape. The seven main islands and the several islets forming the Canary Islands were formed as a result of volcanic activities. The geological history of the archipelago, spanning for about 15 million years, have witnessed periods of violent volcanic activities for more than 2 millions of years. The intense prehistoric volcanic eruptions had wiped out virtually all signs of life from most of the archipelago. The flora and fauna of the Canary Islands, that are currently seen, appeared after the cessation of the fierce volcanic activities.

Apart from its geological past, the subtropical climate of the archipelago, influenced primarily by the trade winds blowing from the northwest, with minor seasonal variations had contributed to the biodiversity of the Canary Islands.

Natural History of the Canary Islands

During the Tertiary period, the mountainous regions of the Canary Islands were covered with pine woods and lush laurel forests. The prehistoric forests of the archipelago can be still seen in the nature parks of the islands. Although, the flora of the Tertiary age that covered almost entire Europe during the Tertiary period was lost from the European mainland due to climatic changes, it survived in the Canary Islands forming one of the oldest island environments of Europe. The unique ecosystem of the Canarian archipelago that remained almost unchanged for millions of years is responsible for diverse insect groups, endemic to the ancient laurel forests.

Current Biodiversity of the Canary Islands

There are five types of vegetation zones in the Canarian archipelago. Along the coast, up to a height of 250 m, the vegetation comprises of arid subtropical scrubs. Humid and semi-arid scrubs are found up to a height of 600 m above the sea level. At higher elevations, between 600 and 1000 m, the vegetation is predominately humid laurel forests. Dry temperate pine forests cover the higher altitudes up to a height of 2000 m. Beyond 2000 m, the vegetation comprises of dry sub-alpine scrubs.

Numerous African and European bird species are found in the Canary Islands. Some of the species are endemic to the archipelago such as the blue chaffinch found in Gran Canaria and Tenerife and red-billed chough found in La Palma.

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Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelona

The first art museum exclusively dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso is located in Barcelona. One of the most visited art museums of Spain and one of the must-visit attractions of Barcelona, the Museu Picasso or the Picasso Museum boasts of an outstanding collection of the artworks of the famous 20th century artist of Spain.

The original collection of the museum comprised of drawings, paintings and other artworks donated to the museum by Jaume Sabartes, personal secretary and close friend of Picasso. The collection that started with 574 works of the artist was later expanded to include more than 3,500 artworks of Picasso that were later donated to the Barcelona art museum by art collectors and friends of the Spanish artist.

Getting to Picasso Museum

Located at the heart of Barcelona in the medieval quarter of La Ribera, Picasso Museum is spread across five palaces on Montcada Street. With metro, bus and bicing stations a short walk from Picasso Museum, the art museum is easily accessible from any part of Barcelona. It is open to visitors from 10am to 8pm from Tuesday to Sunday. The general admission fee is 6.60 euros. Guided tours are organized to help visitors explore the treasures of the museum.


The permanent collection of the museum is divided into three sections covering the early works of Picasso. The earliest works of the artist from 1890 to 1897, works produced during his apprenticeship period in Barcelona, Madrid and Horta de San Juan, from 1897 to 1901, artworks from the Blue Period from 1901 to 1904 and several later works of Picasso are displayed in the art galleries of the museum. It also has a significant collection of the masterpieces produced by Picasso in Barcelona in 1917. Apart from Las Meninas series painted in 1957, the museum contains a small number of the later works of Picasso. In addition to the drawings and paintings, the museum has a collection of ceramics and lithographs.


Apart from the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions are frequently hosted in the Picasso Museum. These exhibitions are usually related to Picasso. Seminars on works of Picasso and other artists and artworks are occasionally organized by the museum authorities.

Educational Activities

Serious students of art can visit the free public library of the museum. The library contains a large collection of books with illustrations, journals on avant-garde architecture of Catalonia, catalogues and other documents related to Picasso and his works.

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San Fermin Festival in Pamplona – Day Trip vs. Overnight Stay

From 6th to 14th July every year, Pamplona is the most important travel destination in Spain. About 407 km from Madrid, at the heart of the province of Navarre in northern Spain, Pamplona is the venue of the famous San Fermin fiesta. The main attraction of this Spanish festival is the exciting running of the bulls that attract more than a million visitors to the city.

During the San Fermin fiesta, the streets of Pamplona are transformed into 24-hour party venues. Locals and tourists pour into the city streets to participate in the bull race, watch the lively processions and enjoy the open-air celebrations. Owing to the scarcity of accommodation during the festival, most visitors prefer a day trip to Pamplona. However, to get most out of your trip to Pamplona during the fiesta, consider overnight stay in the city to enjoy its nightlife during the festival.

Daytime Attractions of San Fermin

At midday on 6th July, a pyrotechnic rocket is launched from the balcony of the city hall to mark the inauguration of the San Fermin fiesta. The event known as chupinazo is greeted by a loud cheer from a large crowd that gathers in the square to witness the event. The main festivities start from the following day. The key attraction of San Fermin is the running of the bulls that starts at 8 am and lasts for about three minutes. Spectators and runners dressed in red and white start gathering in the old town from the break of dawn. Just before the race starts, the runners pray for the protection of Saint Fermin by chanting a prayer thrice. The excitement begins the moment the first rocket is launched to announce the opening of the gates of the Santo Domingo corral. A second rocket is lighted when all the bulls have left the corrals. Six raging bulls guided by six oxen run 825 metres to the bullring of Pamplona chasing people on their way. Although, the running of the bulls is the most important part of San Ferm
in fiesta, celebrations continue throughout the day. Colorful parades of giants and big heads pass through the streets of the city during the morning on each day of the festival. In the afternoon, locals and tourists head to the bullring of the city where the bulls that participated in the race early in the day fight with experienced and novice matadors.

Nighttime Attractions

You cannot resist the attraction of the electrifying nightlife of Pamplona during the San Fermin festival. Fireworks illuminate the sky in the night and locals and tourists party throughout the night in the bars, clubs and streets of Pamplona.

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Tourist Attractions of Alicante

One of the more attractive provinces in Spain has to be Alicante with its beautiful and clean surroundings. This impressive city is located on a hill at the sea front. With the fine stretch of white sandy beaches and most pleasant climate, Alicante is a wise choice for a fantastic holiday for the family. There are numerous parks to take in the fresh air amidst well maintained gardens with the high quality of life offered in this city.

The warm local hospitality is sufficient to attract tourists from all nations to participate in the local folklore and festivals celebrated throughout the year.

Major Attractions

There are many lovely attractions that would delight any tourist to Alicante. The well maintained palm-fringed Explanada de España Boulevard runs parallel to the local harbor decorated in the most impressive mosaic in wave form that is at least of 6 million parts.

The local port nearby welcomes large cruise ships that run to Ibiza Island for a day trip. The marina is also a great spot to hang out for a day with great sights and weather. The local port is placed against the majestic Monte Bernacantil Mountain that is 169 meters. Here, tourists as well as the locals would enjoy a visit to the impressive Castillo de Santa Barbara fortress which was built between the 14th and 18th centuries.

The Santa Barbara castle is a Moorish castle which is purportedly to be one of Europe’s largest fortresses. Its architecture is unique and ancient with great designs. The castle is easily accessible by road; it can also be reached through Playa de Postiguet beach via an elevator and tunnel carved through a rock. Tourists to Santa Barbara Castle would enjoy a most panoramic view of Alicante city from the mountain top of Monte Bernacantil. The local harbor and a couple of islands such as Tabarca Island at the south can also be viewed from this lofty top with ease.

Special offering

One of the interesting facilities that are available at Alicante today is its unique “TRAMnochador” train. This special transportation plies a certain route with regular runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during special hours of 9 o’clock at night and 5 o’clock in the morning in the summer.

This unique tram ride offers spectacular sights of the city during its operational hours with numerous stops along its designated route known as the “Diskotheque-Mile” path. Tourists on board are allowed to stop at any of the quaint bars, pubs and cafés that are found at the stop stations.

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Mallorca Island Grandeur

The elegant island of Mallorca is rightfully called ‘the Mediterranean Lady’ with the host of comfort and beauty that is available which is bound to satisfy any visitor.

Tourism at Mallorca took a leap during the 1920s without looking back to flourish into one of the most desirable spots in Spain for a holiday. In the past, Mallorca was highly favored by artists and intellectuals who were drawn to this island’s beauty and tranquility for inspiration.

The wonderful climate of Mallorca with its beautiful natural landscapes attracts hordes of tourists every year without fail. The cosmopolitan ambience puts Mallorca Island on the map of any tourist to check out its prestigious holiday resort offerings with a rich culture and history.

There is no lack of entertainment, culture, arts and inspiration at Mallorca to enjoy even a weekend.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the great and awesome capital of Mallorca Island. It has impressive and well maintained historical monuments and structures that would delight tourists. This capital is fondly known as La Ciutat by the locals.

This impressive capital has a lovely port with yachts and cruise ships of all kinds that come by regularly with tourists. The rows of soft swaying palms against the deep blue sea make Palma very magical for a grand holiday stay.

Half the islanders stay at this capital that offers history and modern facilities with a nice blend. The rich culture is impressive from a colorful history of the region.

Enlightening Cathedral

One of the most distinguished landmarks on Mallorca Island is the ancient cathedral at Palma. The la Seo was built sometime between the 14th and 19th centuries by the renowned designer Antoni Gaudí. One has to see the structure personally to appreciate the architectural designs and skills put on this monument.

One of its outstanding structures is the Puerta del Mirador door facing the sea. This piece was inspired by Guillen Sagrera, a creative designer while the interior chapels and museum are considered masterpieces of the Baroque epoch. The Capilla de la Trinidad and the Capilla Real chapels reflect the Baroque architecture beautifully that would astound any modern day architecture and builder.

Royal Palace

Another grand monument in Mallorca is the La Almudaina royal palace which was built over the Muslim Alcazar remains. It functioned as the kings’ residence in its past days of glory. Tourists get to enjoy the feel of the grandeur of the palace as they walk through the huge halls and corridors.

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The Reputed Mediterranean Paradise with Balearic Islands

The beautiful island group of Balearic Islands comprises several islands that are categorized into2 parts; the Gimnesias of the north and the Pitiusas of the south west. Gimnesias comprises the islands of Mallorca, Cabrera and Menorca while Pitiusas comprises the islands of Formentera and Ibiza.

Sunshine beckoning

The excellent Mediterranean climate of 300 days of sunshine in a year draws hundreds of thousands to the lovely sandy beaches of the Balearic Islands every year especially in the summer. There is a rich culture with a colorful history and warm hospitality at these islands that set them as one of the favorite Spanish holiday destinations.

The warm sunshine allows one to get the desired tan easily with the vast beaches which are clean and safe. There are plenty of water sports which holidaymakers can indulge in with the availability of modern amenities and facilities at the beach side. The available water sports include snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing and others.

Hence, it is not surprising to have more passengers arriving at the Palma de Mallorca airport than other airports in Spain.

Repeated visits

Visitors to the Balearic Islands are bound to return for repeated visits to enjoy more of the wonderful offerings from the various islands. Island hopping is popular to discover the beauty and serenity of islands in the cluster.

Many visitors have fallen in love with one or more of the Balearic Islands that they have opted to secure a second home at their favorite island while others have made this spot their permanent home. The different and exciting personality of every island is sufficient to lure holidaymakers into an intimate holiday even if it is just lazing out on the beach the whole day.


Another interesting lure of the Balearic Islands is the festive activities through its fiestas and traditions. There is a rich scope of archaic traditions that are widely celebrated and in grand style. Fiestas in the Balearic Islands are very colorful with a lot of pomp and style that draws the visitors as it does the locals for a total indulgence.

There are many types of fiestas that are widely celebrated in the respective islands of the Balearic cluster. Some of the more revered fiestas celebrated here include the 3 Magi procession fiesta, the Semana Santa or Easter week, the Jazz festival in July, the San Juan festival, the Apostle Santiago fiesta and other festivals held in honor of various saints and local heroes of the past.

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The Breezy Island of Menorca

Menorca Island is a special island that is full of legends that make up its heartbeat and culture. One of the legends is that the winds that blow across Menorca can transform the residents’ personality. This is how visitors to Menorca Island become enthralled with the place to return repeatedly with some making the island their permanent home.


Although Menorca may not be the larger island in the Balearic Islands cluster, its characteristics are outstanding. It is deemed to sport a most unique and strong personality which makes it stand out against the other islands of the Balearic cluster.

The Romans called Menorca a ‘minor’ island for its smaller size compared to Mallorca, the ‘major’ island. Menorca sports an unadulterated interior that is appreciated by environmentalists and nature lovers. There are interesting historical remains to be discovered at leisure.

Beaches on Menorca are long stretches with fine soft sand and plenty of sun as well as shade. Lonely bays on the island stretch 216 kilometers with a host of ideal holiday resorts for all with different expectations and budgets.

The tranquil atmosphere puts almost any visitor at ease on the island to be thoroughly relaxed and refreshed without the need of a Spa facility.

Town offerings

Menorca has many quaint and interesting towns such as Mahón and Ciutadella; the former is commonly known as Maó while the latter Ciudadela. Each has its own unique cultural traditions and traditions.

Mahón is the capital of Menorca Island with 20000 residents. Its buildings sport obvious British-influenced architecture as it was once under the British Empire. The local port is the best in the world after Pearl Harbor while there is an interesting aquarium that showcases many rich Mediterranean fauna and flora.

The Ateneo Científico y Literario showcases a huge collection of historical maps, fossils and ceramic articles for public references. The Santa Maria Church becomes a historical monument with an ancient Baroque organ while the San Francisco Church functions also as a convent that sports a remarkable Neo-romantic portal. The local Military museum showcases many interesting military pieces that have been used in the past with a special room that has been dedicated to King Charles III.

A lot of pre-historical remnants are found in Menorca that showcases the history of the island and region. South of Mahón is Trepucó where a lot of pre-historical cultures have been identified and conserved. History buffs would love Menorca for the rich historical education it offers any time.

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Interesting Sightseeing Spots through Valencia Excursions

Valencia is a vast region in Spain which has many beautiful spots for the tourists. It is not surprising to have thousands of tourists coming by Valencia every summer for many of the delightful sights offered in a myriad of excursion packages by professional tour operators.

An aerial view of Valencia showcases the region as a sparse and fertile land of greens. It is commonly known as “La Huerta” by the locals where as many as four harvests per year can be reaped with the wonderful weather conditions and rich land.

Excursion options

Valencia offers a plethora of interesting traditional houses that are inhabited by the locals who work the land. These locals are known as Barracas; they live in unique constructions of clay and rush roofs. The more majestic Alquerías manorial homes are also typical Valencian constructions with some gothic influence. One such example is the Alquería del Pi which is located in Burjasot. These unique abodes offer a taste of rich and ancient culture found in Valencia. Then, there are the rich rice plantations across Valencia at Sueca, Sollana and Cullera which reflect the golden color in autumn for a delightful ambience.

One of the popular excursions in Valencia is the visit to La Albufera which is a beautiful lake at the south of Valencia. This tourist spot allows some boating activities with a unique stop at some romantic local fishing villages such as Palmar which offers a most picturesque view of the region.

Sagunto is another favorite Valencia excursion choice with the presence of an ancient Roman theater that is very well conserved until this day. The other presence of an awesome medieval fortress makes this excursion most worthy of time and money.

Town delights

Valencia offers many interesting and quaint towns and cities for a visit. There are lots of ancient and rich historical spots which would thrill the tourists; these include Játiva which conserves its traditional manorial town ambience with an ancient fortress from the medieval era that reflects the best of Spanish history. There are ancient sections of old Iberian walls that reflect the past wars and glory of that place. Nearby is the unique Cova Negra which is one of the ancient pre-historical remains of Valencia.

Huelva is renowned for its fishing industry and active port. The city was made famous by Christopher Columbus who commenced his travels to the new land of America from Palos de la Frontera which is nearby. There exists a monastery where Columbus stayed during his pre-departure.

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Enjoying the Best of Spanish Fiestas

Spain has a host of delightful fiestas which draw in the crowd throughout the year as the fiestas happen throughout the year. Hence, it is always very festive in Spain with some fiesta being celebrated by the locals. The tourists join in the festivity as if they were the locals with open arms by the locals. The Spaniards love a great celebration anytime; fiestas in Spain can run for several days.

Special fiestas

Salamanca is one of the great Spanish towns which enjoy many traditional festivals throughout the year. The Carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo is celebrated as festively as the famous Sanfermines festival in Pamplona where bulls run through the local town streets to the town bullring. There are plenty of amateur-toreros who are willing to prove their braveness in this event.

The Fiesta del Almendro happens in February at Fregeneda where the blossoming of almond-trees brings hope and joy to the locals. Multitudes come by boat crossing the Duero River which forms the boundary between Spain and Portugal.

Salamanca celebrates Easter Monday in the festival of “Lunes de Aguas” where locals are dressed in middle-aged costumes crossing the river in boats that are beautifully decorated with flowers. Prostitutes who were sent away during Lent would be brought back to the town.

One of the major festivals in Salamanca is Corpus Christi which showcases beautiful processions through the town streets and into the huge town Cathedral to form an amazing sight.

The Ofertorio comes on August 15th every year in honor of the Holy Virgin; the celebration happens at La Alberca when the locals dress up in folklore costumes and regional dresses for a most colorful and festive ambience.

Spanish towns

Different towns and cities of Spain enjoy different types of festivals depending on their customs, folklore and traditions. The rich culture and history of the region impact the fiestas. Madrid holds on with pride a host of live traditions from the celebration of New Year to Christmas.

Thousands of locals and tourists would wait for the stroke of midnight at the town plaza where the tradition to eat twelve grapes before the bell chimes is still being practiced. The whole city of Madrid is a big celebration on New Year’s Eve and day. The three Magi festivity comes on in early January with delightful processions of the country’s religious spirit. Cultural events come on in full costumes and dancing that display the local traditions.

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Attractions In Burgos

Burgos is a town in Spain with a lot of historical importance. There are many monuments here that will give you an incredibly fantastic time while in the town. If you love history and explorations are your thing, you can never really go wrong in Burgos as you will get a lot of places to tour. In the outskirts of the town, there are the most beautiful villages where you can have great tours.

One of the greatest attractions in Burgos is the cathedral. It is one that opens every day in the mornings to around one and then opens again from four to seven. The building itself dates to the 13th century. It is gothic in kind and many people admire it all around the world. The portal is spectacular. It is a gothic sculpture that is totally fascinating. The cloister is also something to look out for. There is a chapel that was built over the 15th century and it is very unique. The cathedral is one part of town that you do not want to miss.

The Monastery of Hueglas is yet another incredible attraction. The place is open every day except Mondays. The monastery is gothic and very unique in its own way. It is ranked among some of the very important monuments in all of Spain, thus spelling out that it is quite an outstanding piece of architectural work. Here you can see the tombs of Alfonso VIII and his family members. It is a place that should not be missed.

Another attraction is La Casa Del Cordon. It is actually a palace. The architecture is civil and very outstanding in all of Burgos. The portal is very outstanding.

The church called Iglesia Nuestra Senora La Antigua de Gamonal is made in gothic style although the portal is Mudejar. It dates to the 14th century. It is amazing. From the 13th century, there is a gothic church called Iglesia of San Esteban. It lies near Arco of San Esteban which is from the 12th century and is an arc made by the Arabians.

Iglesia de san Gil is from the 14th century and is gothic. There are some incredible chapels such as Los Encinas as well as Los Castro’s. Here you can also explore tombs that are quite artistic. Built between 14th to 16th century is Iglesia de san Lesmes. The tomb of that town’s patron is located here.

Others include the archaeological museum, Purte de Santa Maria which is a door as well as altar from the 16th century located in Iglesia de san Nicolas. All are fantastic places to be in.

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Great Excursions In Burgos

Burgos is one of the most important towns in Spain. It holds a lot of value in the country and actually is a great tourist attraction. It is a place where you can have a quiet holiday and enjoy your time greatly. The town is surrounded by some of the most picturesque villages where you can choose to go for explorations and witness the way of life of the Spaniards.

For excursions in the region, it is always advisable that you work within a package together with likeminded people. This will help you achieve a lot as you will be able to learn at a faster rate. To get the best out of the region, be sure that you actually know a thing or two about Burgos so as to make the experience all the more informative. When you have an idea of what to expect, you will be in a better position to learn and find out all the details that you may have missed during your research.

One of the major attractions is the way of St James. The way of Saint James is a very popular itinerary tour in Spain that many people take every year. Some of the areas to visit are Belorado that has a great square as well as Redecilla Camino. They are both very beautiful areas in the town and should not be missed. On the way of Saint James you will come across many ruins as well as interesting landscapes that will elevate the feelings that you achieve in the region. You will also be able to enjoy literature of the medieval era here.

La Ruta is another route that is very peaceful in the village areas of Burgos. If you want to discover the real Spain especially from the medieval era, you should visit this place and enjoy a quiet holiday all the way. It is a place where you can escape from the crowds and simply be. Here, the areas of interest include Briviesca which has a stone bridge that is very old. There is also a sanctuary not far from here. Another place is Medina de Pomar which is a very beautiful town. In the town there is castle that is placed high on a rock. There is also Alcazar, Hermirage and a monastery here. Frias is another place. It is actually a village from the medieval era where there are many castles as well as palaces.

Last is La Ruta Los Pueblos del Sur. Historically, it holds a lot of importance. Here you will see palaces as well as monasteries. It is a great area to tour.

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Holidays Made In Ronda

There is a peculiar mountain range called Serrano de Ronda and at its very centre in a very wide canyon lies Ronda. It is an incredible place to be and is more unique and fascinating than most areas in Spain. Ronda is outstanding in its own right. There is much to achieve if you choose this area for a holiday destination and when you get here, it will be easy to know why it is such a popular place for all holiday makers.

It is a long journey covering some 60 km from the area of Marbella but it sure is worth the time taken. There are some narrow streets on the mountains and it is unbelievable when it all suddenly opens up to Ronda. It is a very wild town that is unique in all aspects. There is nothing in all of Spain that can be compared to this. This is what has always been said about the region.

There is a bridge that starts the experience of the journey to Ronda. It takes your breath away as it is one of a kind. You may choose to travel to the region so as to get a chance to witness this unbelievable bridge that is located in Ronda. It is something that is truly spectacular and totally worth your time.

Ronda is a place where you get multiple experiences. It is not all about the bridge or the amazing way that the place suddenly unfolds, there is much more. Ronda is an area where there is a bullring that is the most spectacular in all of Spain. The bull ring is made in an amazing way with stone only. Major bullfights were held here and they were totally amazing.

There are many buildings within that make the area very interesting. Most of the buildings are from the Moorish era. They help us appreciate the past as we learn a thing or two about the times that were. You can have an amazing time in Ronda exploring and learning about the culture of the past.

It is always a great thrill to go on sightseeing escapades in the region as they are totally rewarding. There is a square located centrally in the area. It has a lot of activities and is lively all the time. There are some restaurants here where you may try out the specialties of the region. It is a good idea to eat here. It is a place to get multiple experiences

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