School of Grammar Gazette

Issue #29: May 9-13

Professional Development Materials

As you know, every teacher receives $500 to go toward professional development, mostly in the form of workshops. If you would like, up to $100 can be spent on professional development resources (books, videos, materials, etc.). If you would like to purchase any materials to further your professional development, please fill out the "Request for Professional Development" form, which can be found on the faculty page of the Nova website or here.

AIMS and DRAs Reminders

If you have not started to give your DRAs, you can start at any time.

The window for AIMS testing will be Monday, May 9 through Monday, May 23. The AIMS recording sheets have been delivered to your mailboxes.

Heather is also available to help with AIMS testing, so feel free to reach out if you need anything!

Remember to enter the results of the assessments as well as your fall assessments and MCA data into the electronic portfolio.

Upcoming Events!

Thursday, May 12: LS Vocal Concert @ 6pm

Saturday, May 14: Nova Classic Run & Carnival

Monday, May 23: Board Meeting @ 630pm

High Fives!

From Brooke: High five to the awesome sleepover helpers - Ms. Hobbs, Ms. Marchand, Ms. Reynolds, Ms. Krohn, Ms. Knowles, Ms. Rude, and Ms. Corletto! We had 57 happy campers overnight on Friday night and I couldn't have made it happen without you! Thanks so much!

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