Inventors of the renaissance

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The age of progress

The European renaissance is commonly known as the greatest age of technological progress in history. During that time lived many great artists, scientists and inventors. But here, we're focusing on the inventors and the inventions they're famous for.

The Daring Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was known for his famous paintings, such as the last supper, or the Mona Lisa. But he was also known for some of his inventions. Some of his works include the helicopter and glider, although most of his other inventions never made it past the sketch phase.

the Great Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith who invented the European printing press. his invention was a controversy since patents didn't exist back then, so many believe he did not invent the press.
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sketch of Da Vinci's helicopter

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Gutenberg's printing press

Crazy Cornelius Van Drebbel

Although not really a scientist himself, Van Drebbel was known for successfully developing a functional submarine. The design itself came straight from Leonardo Da Vinci.

Radiating Robert Boyle

Boyle was an Irish physicist famous for creating the one thing you think of the least, the match. In his time, the match was considered extremely dangerous due to their flammability. Obviously, they eventually caught on, since they're still used today, over 300 years later. The match was also an accidental breakthrough, Boyle accidentally spilled some flammable material on a piece of wood, and it lit on fire as he tried to scrape the material off.
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Replica of what Van Drebbel's submarine might've looked like

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Boyle's accidental discovery