Beautiful Tropical Vacation

Starting Price : 95,000,000 Discount price : 15,833.33

Discount Price wont last long!!!!!!

Here at our resort we have beautiful suits that will for-fill your every need.

Around the resort ( in the zoo) you will see all types of animals like orangutan, gorillas,Harpy Eagle, Parrot, Toucan, Bengal Tiger, Jaguar, Lemur, Spider Monkey ,Manatee, Piranha.

Although the climate here in the tropical rain forest is not hot like some places, we have a degrees of 30 -35 degrees at day and 20-25 degrees at night. The soothing sound of the rain drops will but you into complete relaxation. If you want to go swimming we have an indoor poor on each floor and also if you get thirsty in the middle of the night and everything is closed than you could just go to the vending machine which is also located on each floor of the resort. There are many places to go in our location like say the clubs for example, our resorts have the most spacious rooms that you have probably seen. Our resort is also a place a mother can go for a quick vacation. We even have a spa and we use all natural herbs . We have the best smoothies and shakes in the world! We get all of our ingredients from our surroundings we get fruits like dragon-fruit, durian, bananas, pineapples mangoes, coconut , raspberry, blueberry ,strawberry, lemons. We also have the most beautiful sunsets.

lets go swimming!!

Tuesday, June 4th, 9pm

Black Water Lake, Woodrow, MN


Lets go swimming with the dolphins!!! I know a lot of people have on a bucket list somewhere to go swimming with dolphins well here is your chance. We have a very simple process with little outings all you have to do is go to the front desk and sign your name for whatever outing you want to go to. When it is the day of the outing you have to pay 10 dollars and enjoy yourself.

Eating Agenda

7:00 - 9:00 : Breakfast

12:00- 1:00: lunch

2:30- 3:00 : Snack

6:00-9:00 : Dinner

End of vacation party!!!!!!

Since all of the residence check out at about the same time the staff like to throw a end of vacation party. We love our residents to feel welcome and also feel like they can come back any time which they can. We love to have new visitors at our resort, that way if they have never been here before they can have a new experience and enjoy themselves. Most likely the residents come back each year so we see a lot of familiar faces. The party will celebrate everyone having a great time and enjoying each others company.

Our foods

Our food here is like no other. We have all different types of spices that will blow your mind. The foods here are filled with flavor. Our foods have no nasty aftertaste or smell. If you have a aftertaste don't worry we give all types of gums for free at the front counter even if you don't have after taste.

Let's go sky diving!!

Tuesday, Aug. 6th, 2pm

Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North

In the past we have went there and we had a blast. it was so much fun at first its a little scary but its so much fun when you are finally falling and you come back up. You kind of get a trill from it and don't worry it takes 1 hour to get there and we stay until 12 0'clock and you get transported back to your suit.

Animal hospital

We have a lot of different species in our tropical rain forest and some times they get hurt so we have a animal forest to they can get better. We also have animals that species are getting low so we have rooms for them in a hospital. We also have a special place in our garden for plants to grow because i believe the animals really love just going by the door and seeing the flowers.

Some other activities in our resort

some other activities include : visiting a native shaman, Medical plant hikes, hike to a lake to see giant lily-pads, fish for piranha's, view caiman crocodiles, jungle survival training, and following jaguar or peccary tracks in the forest.

Plant adaptations

  • drip tips and waxy surfaces allow water to run off, to discourage growth of bacteria and fungi
  • buttresses and prop and stilt roots help hold up plants in the shallow soil
  • some plants climb on others to reach the sunlight
  • some plants grow on other plants to reach the sunlight
  • flowers on the forest floor are designed to lure animal pollinators since there is relatively no wind on the forest floor to aid in pollination
  • smooth bark and smooth or waxy flowers speed the run off of water
  • plants have shallow roots to help capture nutrients from the top level of soil.
  • many bromeliads are epiphytes (plants that live on other plants); instead of collecting water with roots they collect rainwater into a central reservoir from which they absorb the water through hairs on their leaves
  • epiphytic orchids have aerial roots that cling to the host plant, absorb minerals, and absorb water from the atmosphere

Animal adaptations

  1. Some animals in the rain forest have camouflage abilities.this helps them do some hiding from predators and hunt for themselves