Coaching News 2019

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Data Meetings

As all the beginning of the year testing gets completed, we can really begin to focus on who our students are and what they need. One way to do that is to carefully look at the data to guide instructional decisions. Individual data meetings this year will take a similar format to last year. We will review your data, draw conclusions based on what you notice, consider strengths and needs, ask questions, and develop some plan of action based on your conclusions. Renee would like to attend as many of these as possible. New this year: we will be creating notes/plans of action to share and collaborate with other teachers that may also work with your students (specialists, interventionists, etc.) I hope I have a time that will work for everyone next week, if not please let me know! Click on the link to sign up for something that will work for you. A reminder that the data meetings are only 30 minutes so they should be individual meetings rather than grade-level teams, so we can adequately address the data and plans for your students. See you soon!

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Book Fair

The book fair is back!! We will be holding our fall book fair (With an Arctic theme, I guess) from October 21st to 25th. This includes The MP family night and the Quest Showcase night on Thursday. I would appreciate any additional publicity you can do with your classes about the book fair. If there are any parents that would be interested in helping with book fair shopping/sales please send me their name and contact information. Also, just a note to remind you - the state of Wisconsin now requires schools to collect sales tax on book fair items. So if a child has only $2.00 for a $2.00 book they will not be able to purchase it because the tax will be added. I will put this in information coming out about the book fair, but so you know as well. Last Spring I was able to cover taxes for a few students, but I am hoping that we have most of our students visit the book fair this Fall and will not be able to cover the tax for students.

Coaching Support

One of the best definitions of literacy coaching I have found is as follows: A literacy coach partners with teachers for job-embedded professional learning that enhances teachers’ reflection on students, the curriculum, and pedagogy for more effective decision making.

Please let me know if there is a way in which you would like to enhance your reflection on students, the curriculum or method of teaching where I could help. Partnering can support your work. I can help in a variety of ways: planning at various levels ie: daily lessons or units, data analysis, learning something new, co-teaching, modeling, and more. If you have something you are wondering about with your students we can work together to set a goal and figure out together how we can improve your students' learning.

Hope you find time to read something fun for yourself soon!

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