Mrs Allison's B6 CREW Newsletter

August 29, 2020


I apologize for this newsletter coming to you late. As you well know, the beginning of this school year has had many ups and downs. But I am so excited to get back to school, to meet each one of you, and rock & roll this year! I have many things to tell you, but I'll keep this letter short, and to the point with important things to know.

  • First bell is 8:15, our class lines up at the back of the building. I will meet you there to escort you into the building. The only other class to line up back there are first graders, so we will have the opportunity to be great helpers to them.
  • FACE MASKS--will be worn as guideline and directives have been given by our school administration and school district authorities. I plan to wear my face mask first thing in the morning when I pick up & greet my students, but will not wear one while giving instruction to my class. I do have asthma, which makes wearing a face mask all day extremely difficult. I have set up our desks/classroom with as much distance as possible. Please see Sunnyside Newsletter on D91 website for school guidelines. As a class, we will go over those guidelines and expectations. I would like students to please wear a mask as they enter the building tomorrow:)
  • CLASSROOM POLICIES & EXPECTATIONS- So many things are different this year that I am still developing some new policies, but many with remain the same. My goal is treat this year with as much normalcy as possible. As a class/crew, we will be going over many procedures, norms, and expectations throughout this and the following weeks. I will send out another newsletter with our policies, etc., as soon as possible. I don't want to overwhelm you with a lot of information right now!
  • LUNCH/RECESS- Our new lunchroom is in the new addition!! I will escort students to the lunchroom so they'll know where to go.
  • MY CONTACT INFO- Please email me if you have questions or concerns I will be sending out some other communication avenues later on.

Once again, I am happy and excited to be back at school. Even with all of the unknowns, we will strive to make school a safe, happy, educational place to be.


Mrs Allison