Porter Traditional School

15311Forest Grove Drive ~ Woodbridge, VA 22191


Porter Traditional first opened September 7, 2004 from 1st- 8th grade with a total of 628 students. Porter has won school of excellence for the past nine years and is still going.

The principle is Darci Whitehead and the Vice-Principle is Kaitlyn Eingelmeier. Porter has a uniform policy were we wear red, white, Navy blue, light blue collared shirts and black, khaki, navy blue pants also following the PWCS dress code. There is a lottery system in order to get into porter. We have a porter creed that we say every morning after the pledge of alligence. We are a family at Porter and we show COURTESY, COMPASSION, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT, HONESTY, PERSEVERENCE, COOPERATION, PATIENCE, COURAGE,SENSE OF HUMOR.

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Application process

Application process begins every year on December 15.

Once registered in the child will write an essay about the topic they recieve on a giving date

There will be a raffle and if the applicants name is chosing...

Notification letter will be mailed out

Applicants will be notified by either an acceptance letter or a letter giving the a waiting list number.

GO Luck!!!

Advantages of Porter

Going to Porter has its advantages not only for its technologies but the opportunities in learning.

Porter allows the seventh graders to take spanish one and pre-algebra given them a head start since you start learning spanish I and pre-algebra in eigth grade at regular middle schools . When they reach eigth grade the students will be taking high school classes like spanish II and Algebra 1.

The teachers are hard workers who provide oneon one time with the student.

Porter is oone of the best schools in the county with high test grades including the SOL

Another advantage is there is no bullying in the school, we are all one big family

Enrichment Programs

Art enchriment, Baseketball, Volleyball, Chess, Chorus, Computer, Life Skills, Spanish I & II, and Cooking. Porter also offers tutoring to the students.
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Porter is a good school to come to it provide the proper education, great safety, no bully zone and most improtant Porter is a family who thrive foward together.