I Survived

The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912


  • The Titanic left Southampton, England and set sail for New York.
  • George lived in Millerstown, New York.
  • The Atlantic Ocean is where the Titanic sank.
  • Most of the story happens on the first class part of the ship.
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  • George is very curious. When he hears about something he just has to explore and find out about it. He is very brave and he doesn't give up. I think we would be friends because we are both curious.
  • Enzo is a little boy who follows George around. He is curious and he wants to be like George. They met on the Titanic and became friends.
  • Marco is Enzo's dad. He is very caring and takes good care of Enzo. Even though George is not his son, he treats George like his son.
  • Aunt Daisy took George and Phoebe on the Titanic after her husband died. She is very rich and stayed in First Class on the ship.
  • Phoebe: She loved lemon drops in the end they turned out to be very helpful. They saved her life. She cares about George and tries to go with him.
  • Scar Face Man: He was a mean robber. In the end he turns nice and saves George and Marco.

My Favorite Part

My favorite part of the story is when George heard a loud noise and found out the ship was sinking. He becomes a hero and saves his friends and family. I also like Enzo because he is funny. He kept yelling "See, See!" but he was really talking about the ocean water that was in the ship.