Team Freatman All Hearts Newsletter

December/January 2016

Where did December Go and Hello 2016!!!

Whoa!!! Time flies when your busy selling lockets!!!! Congratulations to all of you that completely rocked your holiday sales!!!! For many, this was their most successful fall season yet, including for myself!! I am attributing this success to the O2 Vital Behaviors. I know I know, I have heard from some “I am so tired of hearing the Vital Behaviors” (and I do understand). The truth is though that they truly work when you make a conscious effort to practice them daily. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes and your business has no choice but to grow when you are planting that many seeds!!! There is much to come in 2016 and I can’t wait for the LEAD retreat in Lake Las Vegas coming up to learn all about the new and improved O2!!! If you are new to the team, we have a new CEO, Brett Blake, that joined us in June of this year. He is a much sought after CEO in the industry with many options of companies that wanted him and he chose O2!!! He loves our mission, our culture, and our lockets!! Brett is a family man that recently just relocated his family from Utah to the Nest in Chandler, Arizona. Brett, with much industry experience has taken the last 6 months to get to know our company and create new programs that will make our business much smoother to run, less time consuming, and more profitable. Our LEAD retreat is our first experience he has created to train leaders on all the new programs. Then we will be having SOAR Saturday in February - most leaders will be doing meetings the first or second Sat of Feb to go over all of these announcements with you!!! Much of this Newsletter is going to focus on our January promotions and how to ramp up your January for a successful 2016!!! I look forward to this exciting journey we are about to begin!!!

Big Hugs,

Michelle Freatman

Senior Director and Team Mentor to Team All Hearts

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January Challenge!!!

This little note and challenge was recently posted on our Team Facebook Page. The link to the page is here. If you would like to be on the page and cannot find it, you can find me on Facebook - Michelle Freatman (Ransomville, NY) and friend request me. Then just send me a little message to please add you. Please note that I have a second profile Michelle Herman-Freatman - that Facebook profile is for my family and non-O2 friends so please look for the Michelle Freatman one. Thanks!!! This challenge is a fun way to have the support of each other in practicing the Vital Behaviors to grow your business!!! It will take minutes a day and I promise you will see results and have fun seeing your All Heart Sisters doing it with you!!!

"Hey Peeps!!! 2016 is right around the corner and their are some fabulous things on the way for us!!!! Time to ramp up your business!! Whether you have been practicing the Vital Behaviors all along and really rocking your business, or perhaps you have been stagnant and want to really get things moving to accomplish your goals - here is a fun group challenge to support each other! The truth is simply that the Vital Behaviors work! Those that practice them saw bigger than ever sales and growth this fall! It is simple, takes you back to the basics, and it works! I will post the Vital Behavior calendar in the files section on the page. Print the calendar out and when you practice your Vital Behaviors for the day - come back to the team page and post on the “daily feed” that I will put up for that day that you accomplished your challenge! To add some fun and to push ourselves - here are some fun ideas to work it in January!!! Post here who is in it all the way for 2016!!!"


If you have not logged into your back office in a while to see the Valentine's items, you are missing out - they are adorable!!!!! The Valentine supplements are now available in back office. Designers and customers can start ordering on the 5th!! They will be live for all to order and through your online sites on January 5th! Happy shopping!!