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July Edition - Volume 3

Weekly Update

We are getting closer! Teachers were given access to their classrooms starting yesterday and are excited to see all the students. Remember that there have been some changes to the school calendar. Instead of starting on August 13th, the first day of school will be August 24th. Students in Cohort A will be face to face on August 24th (with Cohort B starting August 24th online) then Cohort B will be face to face on August 27th (Cohort A will be online). We will send out more information on what this looks like closer to the start of the school year.

We have been told that cohorts will be available the first week of August. Once, I get that information, I will be able to get schedules out to students. We know that they will be available online through Infinite Campus and are looking at mailing this information out to families as well. If you have questions, the Lakeview Back to School Page is a good place to start or contact the main office at (614) 830-2200, we are happy to help! You can also refer to the district Flexible Learning page which has a detailed Q&A section.

Rachael Hanagan


Meet the Lakeview Office Staff

As promised, here is video #2 in the Welcome to Lakeview series. Tune in next week for a virtual tour.
Welcome to Lakeview - Meet the Office Staff

New Social Justice Development Course Available for students

The school board approved a new course to be added to our Course of Study for this school year. We are running this as a pilot program and it will only be offered the first trimester. Please email your student's school counselor, (7th grade), (8th grade) or Mrs. Hanagan ( if your student is interested in the course. There is limited availability so we cannot guarantee that your student will get into the class. See below for a course description:

Social Justice Development

Grades 7, 8 • Trimester

Students will explore power and privilege in diverse populations, contemporary and historical examples of oppression specifically related to African American history, as well as personal prejudices and biases. This course will support students in gaining an understanding of African American studies from the sociopolitical perspective. Students will develop skills to be advocates and allies for social justice. This course will be taught in formats that include project-based learning, open discussion, and mentorship linking. This is designed specifically for the junior high level as students will be developing self-awareness for social change.

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No student lockers - Backpacks allowed this year

Students will not be able to use lockers while we are in the hybrid schedule. Once we are back full time, students will be assigned lockers. This is to eliminate touch points and to prevent congestion in the hallway. Students will store and carry their belongings in backpacks throughout the day.
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Last Chance to Register for the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)

IMPORTANT: this is the VERY LAST CHANCE to register your student(s) for PLSD's Virtual Learning Academy! We've reopened registration until 11:59 p.m. tonight (July 28) at Tomorrow our team begins working on cohort/teacher assignments, so make sure you ENROLL TODAY!! There will be NO EXCEPTIONS after the application closes today.

Please note that you do not need to register if you are planning on sending your student to school on their cohort days.

Please take a moment to fill out the Chromebook survey

This was sent out via Infinite Campus, but in case you missed it, please fill out the survey to help out or tech department.

Hello Parents and guardians,

Typically we collect every device from students at the end of each school year. This collection ensures we can repair and maintain our large fleet of Chromebooks so that they are ready to use within the first few days of school. As many of you know, this could not happen this year due to a change in plans to ensure the safety and health of our staff and community.

Due to the devices not being collected we would like to ask that you please take a moment to complete the 2020 Start of School Chromebook Survey.

This survey helps our infrastructural tech department prepare and plan for any service needs during the first few weeks of school. All parts for Chromebook repairs are still delayed or on backorder due to supply issues from COVID 19 impacts. We would like to order as many needed parts as soon as possible. We want to ensure that every child has a working device as soon as possible as well. We know that this is a busy time of year but, this will aid in the smooth transition back to learning with Chromebooks that have been home all summer.

Please review this survey with your student to ensure all details are as accurate as possible.

Please click the link below to complete the survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

PLSD Infrastructural Technology Department

Device Pick Up for New Students

7th and 8th-grade students that are new to the district we will have curbside pick up on August 19th at Diley Middle School. They are still working out the times so stay tuned.
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Updated 2020-21 School Calendar

School Start Days:

The start date for students in grades 1-12 will be August 24th.

PLSD is beginning the school year with a Hybrid Learning Model. This means that:

• Cohort A will be in the building on Monday and Tuesday and will attend virtually Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

• Cohort B will be attending virtually on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and will be in the building on Thursday and Friday.

Teachers will be provided professional planning from August 10th to August 21st.

New Instructional Days / Parent Teacher Conference: (these were previously not school days on the old calendar)

September 11th - new instructional day for all students

October 14th – new instructional day for all students

October 19th - instructional day for all students

November 3rd - Parent teacher conferences for grades K-8 / Instructional day for grades 9-12

Grading Periods:

November 13th - end of the first trimester. This is a change from the original November 6th date and will give 54 days in the first trimester and 52 days in the second trimester.

No changes were made to the second semester.

Please update Back to School Forms

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that you update your contact information, in case your student needs to be picked up from school. Read the full article for instructions on how to get your forms updated:

Please note that your student will not receive their schedule until this information has been updated.

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Immunization Requirements for 7th grade/new students

Remember that there is an immunization requirement for 7th graders. Tdap and Meningococcal are required before a student enters the junior high. The Ohio Department of Health provides the attached immunization summary for school attendance in Ohio. Please discuss this with your medical provider.

According to Board Policy 5320 and 5320 AG, immunizations in compliance with state law and the Ohio Department of Health are required for each student unless the parent(s) file an objection. The board of education also requires tuberculosis examinations in compliance with law.

Students new to Pickerington Schools must present written evidence of similar immunizations, or written evidence to indicate that they are in the process of receiving immunizations, to be completed no later than the day of entrance. Students failing to complete immunizations within 14 days after entering are not permitted to return to school.

The Franklin County Health Department offers immunization clinics throughout the school year. An up-to-date schedule is always available on the Franklin County Public Health website.


School Supply Lists

We know that some of you like to take advantage of the early Back to School Sales and have been waiting for supply lists. As a part to reopen school buildings, we are recommending that students carry a minimal amount of supplies. Keep in mind that your student will attend 6 different classes during the day and that these supplies are for personal use only as we are trying to limit shared supplies.

Thank you

Suggested materials:

Notebook/Folder for each class

1 Composition Notebook

2 colors of Highlighter


Colored Pencils

Wired Headphones/Earbuds (NO Bluetooth)

Pen (2 colors)

1 Package of tissues

Pencil Pouch

Non-glass water bottle

A mask for daily wear (we recommend a second mask be kept in a plastic bag in their backpack)

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