KCA Gladden Newsletter

November 2019

Dates to Remember & Birthdays:

Dates to Remember:

  • Nov. 27th - ALL DAY
  • Nov. 28th & 29th - CLOSED (You will need to find alternate care) Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec. 2nd - ALL DAY


  • Nov. 4th - Leo Hernandez
  • Nov. 16th - Adi Birthday
  • Nov. 26th - Thomas Clavin

Please remember that the weather is getting colder and to have students bring coats, gloves, and hats. Also, please write your students name or initials in them. We have many students who have the same coats, gloves, and hats so that will help keep students things to the right owner.

November's Curriculum

I attached the calendar for the projects for this month.

Appreciation - Custodians

The beginning of each month we want to appreciate a specific staff member in our building because they do so much for us. I want the students to understand that we are very fortunate and lucky to have such an amazing program. We have our own classroom, we have a lot of amazing materials and supplies, and we have a school building that supports us. This month we have chosen the custodians to appreciate; Sean, Charles, and Porsche. The students will make cards, spend 20 - 30 minutes in their classrooms helping the custodians after school to pick up, and make a snack for them.