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What is a tornado?

A tornado is a massive funnel of violently rotating winds. Common in deadly thunderstorms and around Tornado Alley.
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Why Do Tornadoes Happen? How does it evolve?

Tornadoes happen when warm, moist air masses and cold, dry air masses collide and cause big thunderstorms.

Where do they start? What kind of environment? What part of the world?

Tornadoes can occur anywhere but mainly in areas with flat terrains. The most deadliest tornadoes form in Tornado Alley, a region of the Central United States including Northern Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.
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How will the flora be affected?

Negatives - Plants can be affected by tornadoes terribly. Tornadoes powerful winds could snap tree in half or uproot other plants. There are no positives when it comes to a massive disaster.

How will the fauna be affected.

Negatives - Animals too can be affected in a dangerous way. When a tornado strikes it can damage or completely destroy their own habitats. Also animals can become injured of even killed if caught in a tornado.

How will land forms be affected?

Tornadoes can erode away soil or vegetation by either picking it up or blowing it away with its strong winds.

How will people be affected?

Like animals too people's homes can be destroyed or damaged by the tornado. Also flying debris can be anywhere and kill people instantly.