Accept whatever is thrown at you

Steven Hart

Accept whatever your family and friends throw at you in life.

If they want to do this there is really no point in arguing about.

Most of my life takes place at my own house and it affects the way I act because I'm not in public. However if it does happen in public I don't care at first, but then I later become embaressed

Brian Hart

My brother is my best friend, but sometimes gets me in trouble for his own actions. He is very sensitive and caring to me.

Zach Jorgenson

Misunderstood something I said resulting in a overreaction. However he has been my friend since kindergarten and has always had my back.


Sometimes gets me in trouble for pointless reasons for my brother's actions. However no matter what she says I know she cares about me.


Sometimes yells at me for pointless reasons and my brother's actions. Then again he's my dad so it's sometimes his job to yell at me for the better good.

1)My Friend Zach overreacted about something I said, which was kind of stupid. However it made me feel like I was guilty and that it was my fault.

2)My Brother Brian sometimes frames me for things he does. This makes me feel angry but at the same time okay with it because he's younger than me.

3)My Mom sometimes gets mad at me for pointless reasons and my brothers actions. After this I feel sad that I made her angry.

4)My Dad yells at me for no reason but he is usually calmed down after work. However the difference is his emotions are different than my mom's.

All of this is kind of changing as we're getting more used to changes in the school year

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