Share Our Planet: 5th Gr. Showcase

If You Had an "Hour of Power,” How Would You Use It?

Tellegami Share Our Planet

Task #1: Let the Brainstorming Begin!

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Embrace your inner "eco warrior." ♻️ With a partner create a list of environmental issues that you know our world has problems with. It might have to do with animals, plants, forests, oceans, water, land, air, electricity, consumption (or the things we use--and maybe use up), food or health, money, education, energy, the climate, and more. If you aren't sure, feel free to do a little research!

When the time is right, share your list with the group. Be sure to add anything to your list that you might not have thought about.

Reread your list and put a star ★ by the top 5 you feel are most important.

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Task #2: Be Passionate For Your Planet

What if you had one hour every week to dedicate yourself to helping to something you are passionate about that would help our planet Earth?! Think about how that time would add up over time. What would you choose? Look at your star ★ list you created. What one thing stands out most to you as something that is important to your heart ❤️ ? Circle it. This is where your showcase search is about to begin!

Even though you are "just a kid," you'd be surprised by what you can do. Best place to start: find out more, spread the word, take action, and urge others to make a move to make a difference! Together we can achieve a lot!

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Task #3: Start Your Research

Think about your topic. Where would a good place be to go start your search? Research, that is! Be a detective and find out all the information you can. Also be on the search for action you can take!

You need to research at least 5 websites or books.

Make sure to use authentic and reliable sources. Also, be sure to keep track of which information came from each source. These citations will come in handy. That's what good researchers do!

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Task #4: Plan & Pursue Your Own Person Action

You need to do something to show that you personally are working toward your environmental issue. You will include this in your final presentation. Here are some good ideas of items to include. The sky is the limit though. So feel free to get creative!

Task #5: After Researching: Let the Creation Process Begin

Once you are done with your research, you are ready to craft your project. You will have some choices on what to create, but these items will be in your final project:

  • Give Information on your topic;
  • Share your insight;
  • Now that you are better informed, do something to "take action"--what can you do;
  • Share what you did to take action for your environmental issue;
  • Be persuasive: Urge & encourage others to take action

These will be shared with your classmates, on our class website, maybe at an assembly, and maybe even beyond to the big wide world!

Each of these will start with a written rough draft.

Here are some ways to share your details, information, thoughts, research, & actions:

Task #6: Elements to Include

In your project & presentation, you need to include at least one of the following.

Think about the ways you could build one of these in. Then be sure to include it!

Task #7: Also Be Sure to Vary it Up: Include an App (or Two)

Here are some options of what to include in your project/presentation. Be creative.

Task #8: Finish Up & Final Presentation

Check in with your schedule sheet to meet your deadlines. This will be the best way to plan your "Hour of Power" project and your future success. Have Fun!