Manga or Comic Shop

By Vicente Antonio Mena Guerrero

I since childhood I liked to draw and I had talent. So I decided to learn playing seriously, read books seriously. Since I started this topic I have collected and read a lot of documentation on how to draw Manga, I participated in workshops. I learn as I draw and that's why I decided to make a Manga workshop, to share with the rest of my classmates. The goal of this workshop is to provide simple tips for drawing and writing Manga, easy to understand and entertaining to read.

In most books of "How to Draw Manga" all we teach is how to draw Manga style (well, usually). They talk about how to draw Manga but just give tips on how to carry out the stories or how to make a dash for Manga. The objectives of this workshop are:

You get ideas on how to create a manga, not only drawing, but how to create your stories and your characters.

To learn techniques to work when making your Manga.

To learn more about all the theory and the history surrounding the Manga.

May you find your own style of drawing.

Draw Manga is not easy. You can draw for more than 15 years and realize you still have lots and lots to learn. The important thing is that you enjoy this art, you take it easy, and do not stop trying to improve yourself, as we all do. I hope that, even a little, this workshop will be useful.

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