2012 Fantasy Basketball Draft Kit

Compiled by SportsVault & The Fake Basketball

40+ Pages of Fantasy NBA Goodness - Now Only $3

So you couldn't even win your public Yahoo league last year? Well my 90 year old grandma did and she didn't even make one pickup! Why? Because she used our DRAFT KIT and dominated her draft. She said it was like taking candy from a baby.

Step up your game this season and crush your fantasy league.

Entry Fee Money Back Guarantee!

That's right, if you purchase our draft kit, we guarantee you will make your league's playoffs or we will refund your entry fee up to $25.

We will refund your entry fee of up to $50 if you purchase the kit and pay your entry fee on SportsVault.


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Our Draft Kit Includes

  • Top 100 Overall
  • Top 30 PG Rankings
  • Top 30 SG Rankings
  • Top 30 SF Rankings
  • Top 30 PF Rankings
  • Top 30 C Rankings
  • Detailed Draft Strategies
  • Injury Prone Players to Avoid
  • Beginner Fantasy Advice
  • Keeper Info
  • And more!

For half the price of RotoWorld!

More on the SportsVault Entry Fee Guarantee

If you purchase our 2012 draft kit through this page, our site or via The Fake Basketball and your team does not make the playoffs (or finish in top 50% in roto):

  • We will refund your entry fee up to $25.
  • If you played in a league that processes and holds entry fees through SportsVault (you should), we will refund your entry fee up to $50.
  • You must be able to show proof that you paid your entry fee (a credit card receipt, Paypal confirmation, etc)
  • You must also show proof that your league existed and you were not in the playoffs (a simple screen shot works.

Once the fantasy season ends, please the information mentioned above to draftkit2012@sportsvau.lt or help@sportsvau.lt

Drafts are around the corner - purchase today!

Purchase securely at http://sellfy.com/p/9ELH

Or send us an email draftkit2012@sportsvau.lt and we can arrange other ways to pay.

Who are we?

SportsVault takes the pain out of running fantasy sports leagues for money on the internet. Our services allow simple and secure entry fee payment processing for any style of fantasy league.