Jewel Cave

Custer, South Dakota

When was Jewel Cave made a National Monument and why?

Jewel Cave was made a National Monument on February 7, 1908. It was made a National Monument, because a local movement set it aside for preservation culminated in a proclamation by President Theodore Roosevelt.
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Why was Jewel Cave protected?

  • Due the first law to establish that archeological sites on public lands are important public resources

Protection Laws enacted

  • Antiquities Act of 1906

Attractions and Number of visitors per year

  • Surface Activities-1279 acre park located in a Ponderosa pine forest
  • Ranger Programs-talks, demonstrations and guided nature hikes offered on the surface
  • Wildflower Viewing-393 plant species
  • Bird Watching-120 species of birds
  • (couldnt find the number of visitors per year)

What do Roosevelt's environmental policies reveal about the Progressive Era?

  • People didn't care too much to take care of nature and the environment
  • Looking ahead it probably would have been horrible for future generations to have to deal with