Teal Team Times

Vol 12

Holiday Party

The Holiday Party is Friday 12-19. We would like to do a "loved book" exchange. We would like each child to find a grade-appropriate book they have enjoyed to give to another child. We would like the kids to write something inside the book about why they enjoyed the book. What a great memory for them in years to come! We are looking at having a "ugly holiday sweater" dress up day one day next week, details to come. Please do not allow hats/antlers/jingle bells/etc during other days it is too distracting.

Tornado Terry's

Tornado Terry's is booked for Wednesday 12-17 from 6-8. Terry would prefer at least 50 people, so if you have any siblings who want to come or if you parents would like to stay and play. Please remember this time it is for the kiddos who earned all E's. We will hate to turn your child away, but the events does have some attendance requirements. We will hand out an "invitation" Monday so the kiddos know for sure if they are "invited" (I am SURE they know if they earned all E's 2nd grading period or not)


We are still in need of pencils...thank you to those who have donated. We could also use some individually wrapped candies or little toys for rewards. The Pencil Bag Plan is working, students are asking for MANY LESS PENCILS but we still go through quite a few.


The kiddos had earbuds/headphones on the supply list. These are needed to do some of the technology we are using in class. Please check to see if your child has some at school and consider getting a cheap pair that can be kept at school if they don't have them already. We can label them and keep them in a "class bin" if your child cannot keep track of them in their binder/locker themselves.

Mrs. Crouse's Room

We have been combining SS and LA by working on our nonfiction reading skills when taking notes about the causes of the American Revolution. In class we are note-taking, then turning the notes into informational paragraphs in a timeline format. We will work on this for the remainder of the week in class...then they will have the weekend and a couple more days at home to get it finished so I can have fun grading them over break :).

Mr. Gottleber's Room

Tomorrow we are opening a bakery in math. We will use these project as a capstone for our work with fractions. It will involve adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing them. In science we are learning about the forces that shape the earth. As well as spending a couple of days learning about coding. This corresponds with the "hour of code" this week. More information can be found here: http://code.org/