Roles in Society and What Happened to Their Culture

Roles in Society

The Anasazi had lots of roles in their society including farmers, clan leaders, and basket makers. Farmers mostly grew squash, corn and other fruits and veggies. Farmers were at tough times during a large drought that lasted a really long time, so they found water and used irrigation to water their crops.


Basketmakers were very important to the Anasazi because they made a lot of excellent baskets, and that is why they are called basketmakers. Not only did basketmakers make baskets but they also made drinking pots, they would wrap basket material into a basket and then put clay around it to keep the water cool and portable. Basketmakers lasted a long time in the Anasazi and may be the reason of the Hopi and other pueblo Indians because some basketmakers left their clans/villages. Basketmakers: 1000 BC -- AD 750.


The Anasazi government was more complex then it seemed, the Anasazi civilization was split into empires which were split into clans, that were led by clan leaders. The clan leaders would be chosen by the people, the people chose their leaders between elders called headmen. Different clan leaders would meet at tribe meetings about different things that were going on. Clan leaders would also meet at the Chaco Canyon to trade items.

What Happened to the Civilization?

The Anasazi like the Mayans disappeared without a trace many archaeologists have theories about why they disappeared, some of them are listed below.
Some people believe that cannibalism may have been the reason that they may have disappeared, but many archaeologists have red flags for this theory. One red flag is that the Anasazi left behind more than enough food to live. Another theory of why they mystically left is because of the great drought itself. This theory is the most believed because the Anasazi left behind many things, so they probably left in a hurry to find more water.

What Happened to the Civilization?-- Warfare

Another good theory is that the Anasazi had a war against other tribes. This is a good theory because Anasazi actually means "ancient enemy". Some reasons of the warfare is that they fought for control over the land. Another reason: food, crops, and hunting areas.