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Zip Zap Fractions

Free iPad app designed to help elementary school students learn about fractions. The app contains clear narrated visual lessons about the basics of fractions. After completing lessons, students can test their skills in recognizing fractions by playing the Zap Zap games. Click HERE to download the Zip Zap Fractions from the Apple App Store.


Plickers is a free iOS app (iPad, iPhone, iPod) that can be used in a "one iPad" classroom for student responses. Plickers is a neat student response system that uses a teacher's iPad or iPhone in conjunction with a series of QR codes to create a student response system. Students are given a set of QR codes on large index cards. The codes are assigned to students. Each code card can be turned in four orientations. Each orientation provides a different answer. When the teacher is ready to collect data, he or she uses the Plickers mobile app to scan the cards to see a bar graph of responses. Download the app by clicking HERE.

Puppet Pals HD

Although this app has been around for a while, I wanted to reiterate it's possibilities in the classroom. Puppet Pals HD is a highly regarded animation / storytelling app for iPad, which is suitable for K-8 students, and has a variety of educational applications. To use Puppet Pals, students select characters, settings, and a title; and then narrate a story while animating the characters and props using their fingers. You can create your own backdrops and characters using pictures from your Camera Roll, and export the finished video files to iMovie, YouTube, etc. Download Puppet Pals HD by clicking HERE.

Uses of the App

  • Create short instructional videos, digital storytelling, news reports/journalism, historic retells and practice of fluency and language skills.

Common Core Quest

Common Core Quest is a free iPad and iPhone app. The free app gives students access to hundreds of practice quizzes aligned to Common Core standards in math and language arts. Before and after taking a quiz students can watch short video lessons that address the skills needed to master the standards contained in the quizzes. To use Common Core Quest, a student selects his or her grade then selects the math or language arts standards he or she is working toward mastering. download the app for free by clicking HERE.


Heganoo is a tool that allows you to build multimedia placemarks on a map. Your completed map can be displayed in a variety of formats including a slide-by-slide format that allows viewers to see placemark information as slides while viewing the map in the background. Placemarks in your map can include pictures, videos, and text. Check out the sample American Revolution map embedded below., funded through the Office of Innovation and Improvement’s Teaching American History (TAH) program, builds on and disseminates the valuable lessons learned by more than 1,000 TAH projects designed to raise student achievement by improving teachers’ knowledge and understanding of traditional U.S. history.


Take all or part of any YouTube video and convert it to a permanent file on your computer for classroom use. No internet connection required to show the video!! Need to show only a section of a Youtube video? With ClipConverter you select what part of the video you want to save.

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