In Your Own Image

Visuals Cover Over a Multitude of Pitches

Sometimes Words Fail...

As the cliche states, sometimes words are simply NOT enough. They can fail to reach the necessary intensity when you are trying to share emotions, words, and experiences. When such a thing happens, most people turn to art forms such as music and visual art. However, what happens when you run into a piece of music that is so complex, it needs a further artistic rendering to truly be appreciated? Something BEAUTIFUL!

Visual Arts and Music? What?

Visual arts and music go together better than pencils and erasers, carrots and hummus, or cold feet and woolen socks! This is because they not only supplement each other, they echo each other through terminology and form. Think about it: texture, temperature, intent, emotion. These are all words that one encounters in both artistic fields!

Okay, so maybe I buy it... But what are we DOING?

Great question! You'll be embarking on an hour long adventure into the magnificent combination of music and the visual arts with a group of your orientation mates. Each group will be presented with a repertoire of musical selections to choose from, from several different geographic locations, time periods, intents, and genres. Then, the team will be asked to work together to create and present a piece of visual art to exemplify their interpretation of the piece. Now, this representation can be through any sort of visual art, be it dance, sculpture, drawing, painting, or anything else your team can whip up with the basic art supplies provided.
Amazing Sand Art on Ukraine's Got talent - Kseniya Simonova