Thomas Jefferson


Early life

Do you know about Thomas Jefferson? He was a very important man to know about. He wrote the declaration of Independence,He helped plan and build the university of Virginia,and he loved to read and write. He was good writing the declaration of independence.


First,Thomas Jefferson was born in 1773 in Virginia, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.It took him 7 days to write the declaration of independence. He was a very great writer.

Second,Thomas helped build the university of virginia. He bought the Louisiana purchase. Thomas bought It for 15,000,000 dollars. He was a smart Man.

Third,later life, Thomas Jefferson was the third president of our country. Thomas was a great reader. Jefferson was a great third president.Thomas Jefferson was a great writer.

Finally,Thomas loved to read. He wrote the declaration of independence. Three big ideas are declaration,build university of Virginia he was awesome.