Autobiography of a face

By: Lucy Grealy


This memoir positions a powerful challenge of society obsession and physical perfection.

Important characters:

Lucy Grealy- The main character is diagnosed with cancer at age 9, but that isn't the worst part of her illness in her world.

Mrs.Grealy- Lucy's mother who supports her and urges her to be strong and brave. She acts a lot stronger than she is for Lucy's sake.

Mr.Grealy- Lucy's father is caught up in working in the news business then focusing on his daughters treatments. He constantly seems to want her to reassure him that shes alright.

Derek- Lucy's friend in the hospital (asthma) who is mischievous and spends a lot of his time with her.


Lucy spent five years of her childhood being treated for cancer. The surgery left her face badly disfigured, and she spent the next fifteen years, being treated differently because of her appearance. She lived with the daily torture of peer rejection and the growing fear of never being loved. Feeling ugly seemed to be the biggest tragedy in her life. The cancer was nothing in comparison. This autobiography is based off her life and the struggles she went through because she looked so different.
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