PBIS Pieces

Winter 2015

PBIS World

PBIS World is a site that contains resources for teachers and administrators K-12. The site includes a range of supports such as Tier 1, Tier 2 and even Tier 3 strategies. There are free data tracking documents to use as you individualize for each child you serve. This will empower teachers and staff to implement and carry out PBIS strategies more autonomously with confidence. Please visit PBIS world http://www.pbisworld.com/

EM-S ISD PBIS Celebrations!

Our bus referral rates were down 42% during the second six-weeks.

ADC had 3 students that were eligible for the Early Release Program (PBIS Contract).

District discipline offenses are down 10% from this time last year.

Strategies to Assist with Difficult Behaviors in Class

Here's a handful of strategies that teachers can use when misbehavior occurs in class:

1. Break student tasks into manageable "chunks"

2. Increase adult supervision

3. Increase "reinforcement" engagement within classroom or activities

4. Offer choice

5. Offer help strategies

6. Redirection

7. Rewarding alternative (positive) behaviors

8. Expectation review

You can find additional strategies and methods at