Bill Of Rights

Deondre Murphy 12/18/14 Period 6

Amendment 1 court case Cohen vs. Cali

On July 7, 1971, the supreme court ruled Cohen vs. Cali that the first amendment protect a Cali man's right to wear profane jackets.

Amendment 2 court case Bliss v. Common Wealth

Supreme court agreed with Bliss that state couldn't argue or limit the kind of weapons a citizen has.

Amendment 3 court case Mitchell v. Henderson city

Anthony Mitchell claimed Henderson police officers violated his 3rd amendment right when they tried to force him out of his homes so they could occupy it. The court ruled in the favor of Mitchell.

Amendment 4 court case Mapp vs. Ohio

A female that has the last name Mapp was accused of having obscene objects in her house during a police search. She went to court to prove that the 4th amendment was broken and she was innocent and the court ruled in favor of her.

Amendment 5 court case Brown vs. Ohio

A men was found breaking amendment 5 when he was caught joyriding in Ohio. He was proved guilty for this in another country also. The court ruled in favor of Ohio and the man was guilty for operating a vehicle without owners permission.

Amendment 6 court case Pointer vs. Texas

June 16, 1962, a man robbed a store and got caught by police,. Pointer violated the sixth amendment. Once he was taken to court he was proved guilty on a count of 9 votes.

Amendment 7 court case Tull vs. US

The issue of this problem is whether the Seventh Amendment of the United States Constitution guaranteed Petitioner a right to a jury trial on both liability. The court was in favor of Tull that the Constitution guaranteed Petitioner a right to a jury trial on both liability.

Amendment 8 court case Gregg v. Georgia

A man was guilty of robbery and murder. His same was Gregg. He was sentence to death, but he thought that it was a violation of the 8th amendment. He challenged the court but lost 8 to 2.

Amendment 9 court case Roe vs. Wade

Roe wanted to bring an action law suite against Wade because she feels as the abortion laws are violating the 9th amendment. She challenged Wade and they went to court. The court ruled in favor of Roe.

Amendment 10 court case Printz vs. US

When the Brady law was passed where background checks were enforced, two enforcement officials challenged the Constitutionality of the law because they felt it was wrong. Printz won on a count of 5 to 4 votes.