Lot's of little talks and walks

iGIP ventas

Little talks and little walks for Ventas

Hola chickos!

Esta una tiempo por iGIP con muchos trabajos para todos area. Para me esta muchos strategias por focus, strategias, visiones, structures, Podio, cycle education, booklets, promotion material, contactos internationales etc.

Para todos esta ell tiempo por trabajes por resultados de ventas! Ahora esta el opportunidad por llamada y asecar empresas!

No esta mas dificile. It is simply: lettle talks and little walks. Just do it!


Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks


Friday, Nov. 1st 2013 at 9pm to Sunday, Nov. 3rd 2013 at 4:30pm

La Paz, La Paz Department, Bolivia

Nuestra Señora de La Paz, La Paz Dept

See you guys at NLDS!

Simple AIESEC ventas!

AIESEC ventas is no es difficile!

  1. - Have a product focus (IT and Marketing)
  2. - Get some knowledge about this products (ask around, find on aiesec.net)
  3. - Have a list of companies to call (google, podio, jobsites, chamber of commerce)
  4. - Start calling every week 7 companies or go there personal.

For the the call and approach: Be direct and talk short! keep it simple:
What we do: connect international talent with companies (with some current partners)
Profile of our EP's that fits for the companie
Push to explain more in a meeting: don't worry we will discuss this in a meeting.

5. Interact with your team, keep each other on your responsibilities, look for more information, feedback each other.


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IGN summit

IGN summit is a international conference in Brazil!

These conferences are unique experiences for anyone in AIESEC. Want to go there? Get a leadership position and boost your english!

Output IGN conference for iGIP

Delegates from iGIP Bolivia: Fernanda Guillen (iGIP NST: proces, iGIP member, Cochabamba), Pim van Keimpema (me, MCVP iGIP) and Bruno Capriani (LCVP ICX (focussed on iGCDP), Cochabamba)

Strategies for GIP are the folowing:

  • Product focus
  • Customer loyalty
  • Human capacity

See for details the ppt's of the output.

Product focus:

  • By focusing on specific products we talk one language in GIP in the world so we can align our supply and demand (easier match and realize). With support material and knowledge our sales is more focused and professional and with a good market research we know where to look for TN's.

For AIESEC Bolivia:

  • For the short term we decide to focus on IT and specific parts of marketing in the IGN region.
  • For the long term we are doing more extensive quality and quantity research and develop the right product. Focus for this is start of the new term (This is led by NST: Cinthia)

Customer Loyalty:

  • If our partner retention would be higher: we would have more reraises, realizes and thus more impact.
  • How can we raise the partner retention? By listening to our partners, engaging with them and updating them on the process.

For AIESEC Bolivia:

  • The 100 days challenge will be introduced to your VP's!
  • Strategies for better contact with companies on long term.

Human capacity:

  • How can we create a sales culture with experience and motivation? How can we keep good sales people in the sales area for AIESEC?
  • There are several strategies containing: Selection, training, reward and recognition and other strategeis to reach this.

For AIESEC Bolivia:

Bootst results for experience and feedback

Short term: boost training cycle in AIESEC Bolivia on with trainings.

Long term: create good training cycle for all LC's with national sales team, alumni, online trainings, coaching, tracking, rewards and recognition etc.

Other current (national) activities

  • Bolivia promotion booklet for EP's
  • Legal situation
  • Education (focus on sales, product, podio and strategy)
  • 100 days challenge
  • Update wiki and manual
  • Preparing for new year (new VP's)
  • Match optimization
  • Contract improvement
  • Sales promotion material
  • International contacts for our products
  • Human capacity structure

and more;)