Amelia Earhart

Who is this shocking Female Pilot?

She believed, for it was the the the end of the 1800’s that women should have the rights men do. Her Bravery was always inspirational to girls, all around, because of her aviation expeditions. She believed, “Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail failure must be a challenge to others.” The pilot who served as a nurse in Toronto showing how charming and loving she was to not just herself but others. The smart,sharp witted girl who figured out how to help when her money woes were bad. The women who showed this country women have rights like men, Amelia Earhart.
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Personality #1-Charming!

Amy Otis and Edwin Stanton Earhart, brought Amelia to life on July 24, 1897; in Atchison Kansas, Muriel her younger sister comes two years later. Amelia's family was going through hard times, her grandmother passed away in 1911 and father becoming a alcoholic. Losing his job and going to rehab to better himself their family is off to St. Minnesota in 1913 where her father failed again to get a job and his wife Amy, leaves to go to Amelia and Muriel in Chicago. At this time Amelia was at school, alone with not many friends known as “The girl in brown who walks alone.” Although her years in Philadelphia were lonely she became vice president. But her teachers always adored her even if she wasn't the most popular. But, Amelia was always been She never graduated for when war began she stepped in as a voluntary nurse to help the wounded. Toronto, around 1916-1918 while helping her friend took her to see a air show, their a pilot sent many scampering for her flew very close showing off his moves. Amelia however didn’t move she stared with awe at the pilot.

-“I did not understand it at the time, but I believe that little red airplane said something to me as it swished by.” Her charming stayed with her all on her expeditions, and was one part of making Amelia the amazing aviator she was.
Amelia Earhart - Mini Biography

Personality #2-Brave!

Throughout her expeditions, some qualities were a must to make a wonderful aviator, one of them was courage. With her father back with her mother he takes her to see a air show where pilot Frank Hawk takes her on a ride. Her first ever plane ride, December 28, 1920. -“By the time I had got two or three hundred feet off the ground, I knew I had to fly,” she later recalled. Amelia then took off, with her first flying lesson with Snook. Neta Snook, her teacher. She took a variety of employments, as to photographer,truck driver, and months later was able to purchase her small, first airplane, a yellow biplane known as the Canary. On December 15, 1921 National Aeronautic Association gave Amelia her flying license so she could soar. Two days later she enters the Pacific coast, for ladies derby in Pasadena where she is hooked with flying! When her flying career took off she was offered to fly across the Atlantic! She bravely took on the challenge. So on June 17-18 1928 Amelia,Wilmer Stultz and Louis Gordon, leave Newfoundland soaring in the Friendship. The tri motor sea-plane land in Wale. In about 20 hours after are famous crowded and being cheered. Although she felt useless passenger. Wilmer did all the flying while she sat like a bag of potatoes. But it was quite exhilarating, helping her to be brave, and keep her flying career going!

Personality #3-Smart!

Charles Lingenberg at the time was the big shot, Amelia admired him, but did not wish to be him. Although at the time was referred to as “Lady Lindy”Attention was not her idea.In the summer of 1928 20 Hrs. 40 Min, a book made my Amelia about her trip on the Friendship was like. Amelia teams with publicist George Putnam to make it, and he makes her a official celebrity. She didn’t enjoy it but knew the money from this would come in handy for her family. With her great knowledge and understanding that women aviators were still rare so Amelia creates the Ninety Nines Inc. First group held to support women pilots and or aviators. This is established on November 2, 1929. Also in 1931 she becomes the first president and is that for two years straight. She uses her celebrity status to further promote aviators and people to ride on airlines.

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The End for the Pilot!

The final flight, around the world. Navigator Mr.Noonan, captain Harry and Paul Mantz start the first leg starting from Oakland California and they landed in Honolulu Hawaii at a time of 15 hour and 47 minutes! Three days later their attempt to fly the second leg was kicked, when ground loops occurred during take off. Then the next June 1, 1937 Amelia successfully departs from Miami Florida instead and plans to fly from the west to east. Only Fred stayed they complete 22,000 miles of the flight. All around the world people cheered on Amelia! She landed at South America,Africa,India, and Lae, and New Guinea what an experience! The next day they leave Lae and head back to Howland island a tiny island that was only 2,650 wide and 13,200 long in feet. Amelia and Noonan are close to the island and start panicking they cannot find the island and are short on fuel!They lose radio contact with their friends, the coast guard cutter Itasca. They can hear but Amelia and Noonan could not. They disappear, in the Pacific Ocean,