What to Expect When Expecting

Cheyann Ellis & Dalis Thibodeaux

First Trimester

During the first trimester of the pregnancy, a woman can expirience such symptoms as morning sickness, food cravings, hightened sense of smell, fatigue, frequent urination, acne, breathlessness, headaches, and swollen breasts. The mother also has feelings of "Hello hormones" which means a hormonal roller coaster. " Losing control" beacause your body is exhausted.

The fetus goes through many developmental processes during its time in the embryo. The baby's head develops, its eyes are visible, toes start to form, the neck develops, genitals form, fingernails and ears form, and bones develop. The baby also develops a few abilities. The baby's muscles can contract and it can make a fist.

Second Trimester

During the second trimester, the woman starts feeling unattractive, has bad dreams, crys a lot, starts thinking about the effects of pregnancy on her body, and starts having anxiety. The mother's body also starts to change shape, she gets stretch marks, a stuffy nose, and very sore gums.

The fetus' sex becomes apparent during week 14 of the second trimester. The baby's urine also starts to form during the second trimester. The baby's skeleton becomes apparent, and fat accumulates. By the second trimester the baby is able to hear and is able to make sucking motions.

Third Trimester

During the third trimester, the woman experiences continued breast growth, heavy weight gain, Braxton Hicks contractions, backaches,heartburn, spider veins, and vaginal discharge. The woman begins to feel overwhelming feelings of dependence, and inability to slow down and rest.

During week 28 the baby's eyes open, and in week 29 the baby's bones are fully developed. In week 32 the baby practices breathing and in week 33 the baby can detect light.

How to be Supportive During Pregnancy

There's many ways a man can be supportive during a woman's pregnancy. He can start by attending partner's prenatal visits. He can also watch video tapes about prenatal development and help plan for the baby. The father can also exercise during the pregnancy along with partner to develop a special bond.