Learning Specialist Coaches Corner

Weekly Focus: September 19th-23rd



Ms. Nash and Ms. Scruggs completed Caseload Accommodations Spreadsheet prior to the deadline!

EC Updates

  1. MAP Testing--While NWEA may allow for read aloud accommodations, CMS is using MAP as a universal screener. The integrity of a universal screener is compromised when accommodations are given. Universal screeners are conducted with all students or targeted groups of students to identify students who are at risk of academic failure and, therefore, likely to need additional or alternative forms of instruction to supplement the general education approach (ie. EC Services). In essence, the read aloud option would mask a student’s true ability to read and comprehend text, or read and problem solve in math. If MAP is to be used as a true universal screener, to assist in identify gaps in skills and knowledge, as a part of the MTSS process, than the screener should remain true to form so as to accurately assess what a student knows, understands and is able to do.
  2. EC Policies, Procedures, & Information replaced Compliance A to Z. This can be found on the EC Homepage on left margin. You must be logged into your CMS google account to access most documents.
  3. DPI recently sent a memo on 8.24.16 that outlines requirements for Math Sequence exemptions for students with a Specific Learning Disability. Click the link to read the memo: https://myext.cms.k12.nc.us/departments/exceptionalchildren/Documents/Memos/DPI%20Memos/2016-2017/Memo-SLD+Math+1+082416.pdf
  4. Case managers are responsible for completing paperwork for meetings for EC students placed at Turning Point Academy less that 180 days. TPA staff can be added as team members.
  5. The new EasyIEP In-State Transfer Process is being tested now and will hopefully be available in EasyIEP sometime this week. This process will be used for students transferring from other NC districts who do not use EasyIEP.

Coming up next week

9.26.16--J. Blocker Mtg. (12:45 pm)

9.30.16--Clubs Begin