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January/February 2017

Bloom's Taxonomy

It is important to be mindful of Bloom's Taxonomy when planning and teaching. You will find an updated version below and a short Seinfeld video series that speaks to each level. This will be our ELL topic in PLCs on January 19th.
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A Little Review

Background Knowledge

Activating prior knowledge is an essential strategy that should be used in all subjects, at all grade levels, not only ELL students, but all students. Tapping into a student's background knowledge, or building a student's background knowledge, is a key component in the reading process. What strategies are you using this week to set your student's up for success?

Academic Vocabulary

Having a place to keep academic vocabulary words so that a student can refer back to them is important. A few ideas are using the Marzano Method (write, define, illustrate) in a notebook, or have an ongoing Interactive Notebook. Interactive Word Walls are also important in a classroom, you may have two or three going at a time.

Students learn by doing, hands on activities will make academic words concrete. Expanding our student's vocabulary should be one of our top priorities, let's make sure it is the correct vocabulary.

EduSkills & Lexia

Have you been able to log in to both programs to see you student's LIEPs and progress? If you are having trouble please see Mrs. Hime.

Important Dates

WIDA Testing

Tentative dates for WIDA testing will be the week of February 6th & 13th. All ELL students will be tested by Mrs. Hime and Mrs. Quintero. More information will be available soon.


January 19th

February 16th

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