How Technology Has Changed Alabama


In 1993 it was announced that there was going to be Alabama's first Automobile plant.

Before the car we would have to of walked biked or use a horse to get around.Karl Benz

invented the first automobile in 1844.


The first phone changed the world

Now we have smart phone which can do a lot more like take pictures or download a game that the old phone could not . Alexander G. Bell invented the first phone in 1876.


The internet has made a lot of things easier including getting information and and having fun. Before you would of had to go to a library to research info. John Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert invented the first computer in 1946.


Before the refrigerator you would of had to put a ice plot in the ground and put your food in the ice hole where it would get dirty but now you can store your food in your refrigerator. Oliver Evans invented the refrigerator in 1804.


The TV or television has change the world now we can see the news and show that will entertain us. Now in the world we don't have to be so board like before the TV where was

not as much entertainment. Philo Farnsworth and Charles Jenkins invented the TV in 1927.


Now people have changed the view of the world why because now we can go to space and

learn about the worlds around us. before we had no clue about space and now we can protect earth from space items.

Dr.Robert Goddard invented the rocket ship in 1928.