We did Iodine, to see if it had starch. We did vinegar to see if it fizzed. And we did ph to see what scale it was from 1-14 and we did pr to see if it was a acid or a base. And the results I found is I think it was purple, green, red mixed together because of the tests and the way it looked you could tell they were mixed together.

test pictures

The picture that's pink is the pr test. The litmus paper one is the ph test. The watery picture shows vinegar mixed with the mysterious powder witch dissolved and fizzed at the same time.


I think that it really is red,green,and the purple powders. Because it all falls into place. because of all of the tests. And all of the pictures of the results. And when I put the powder on black paper it had a lot of crystals and powder mixed together.