December News

Sixth Grade - Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Schnader's Homeroom

It's beginning to look a lot like...... snow!

As winter approaches, please remember to have your student wear the appropriate coat, hat and gloves to school. We have outdoor recess unless the weather is severe.

Did someone say snow? Just a reminder to log onto the parent portal and check your phone number. In case of a delay or cancellation, the school will send an automatic message to your phone.

A username and password is required for your family and you can request one if you do not have access. Please contact Annette Stewart at the district office at (717)397-2421 ( Additionally, many forms will be online in the future so you'll need an account.

Conferences were a success!! Thank you!

We still have a few items we need for our classrooms Holiday food basket. Please email me if you are able to donate any of the following items: can of peas, jelly, can of gravy, canned fruit, applesauce, can of carrots, can of green beans, or a turkey/ham. Thanks to everyone who already sent in their donations. All of the food baskets go to families in Leola!! What a great way for our students to be generous during this holiday season.

Click below to check our this month's featured WEBSITE!

If students search mweav - they can find all of the quizlets available for our class.

Website of the Month - WWW.QUIZLET.COM

Quizlet features online FLASHCARDS. All of the spelling lists and vocabulary lists are posted here. You can search by the spelling list number, by the title of the selection in our reading text or by searching my username "mweav".

WOW!!! Look at these 6th Grade Leaders

Since it is the end of the 1st Trimester we have the newest members of our 6th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll and Honor Roll. Students who earned an A in every class are a part of the Distinguished Honor Roll. Students who earned an A or B in every class are a part of the Honor Roll. Congratulations and Thank you for your hard work!!

Next Parent Meeting - January 13th

Many amazing ideas were generated at the Parent Pep Rally in November. Parents and students suggested that we find a way to help those in need. Below is a list of a variety of items that students and families can provide for the "Holiday Journey Bags." These bags will be provided for children that have been taken from their homes for whatever reason. If you don't have time to buy and send an item to school, just send a dollar and we will take care of getting the item for you (just put the money in an envelope labeled "journey"). The goal of these bags is to show that there is a school of children that care.

As a class we would like to put together a 10/12 kit. I will buy a back pack to carry the items. We are putting together a backpack for a girl.

Come out to our next Parent meeting on January 13th!

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Barnes and Noble

Thank you to all of the families who attended the Leola Elementary Barnes and Noble night on December 2nd. Leola had almost $3000 in total sales during the Book Night. Our school earned 20% in rewards for purchases at the store and 12% for online shopping. Thanks for helping out our school! I can't wait to see our new books.

Reading with Mrs. Weaver

We spent a lot of time in the last month working on our written responses to text-based questions and learning to read text deeply. If you see your student highlighting and writing back to the text- that's a great sign! We read both fiction and non-fiction this month. Reading part of Gary Paulson's "Hatchet" was a favorite! Recently, we read "Saving the Rain Forest" as we learned about creating valid opinions that are backed up with facts. We ended the story by having a class debate on the topic. As you can see below, it was a fun, new way to interact with the new knowledge we gained!

Please remind your student to write in his/her home reading log. December's log is green.

Also, their reading journal is due every Tuesday. I enjoy reading up on what they have been reading at home! Your student can write the journal in their books or go onto

Math with Mrs. Schnader

This month our focus will be on percents. Just like the previous chapters, we will focus on getting to one percent (unit) and use that information to find our answers to other questions. We will focus on real-world application with examples like finding the tax on an item, sales price, and tip. We will continue to use bar modeling to help us visualize the problem and write statements for our answers. Check out this website on bar modeling

Mrs. Schnader's email:

Social Studies with Miss Blanshine

We have wrapped up our geography unit! The students finished by presenting information about the culture of a country or people group of their choosing. See some of them in action below! The annual 6th grade Geography Bee will take place on December 19th at 9:15am

Miss Blanshine's E-mail:

Writing with Mrs. Shetter

Writing: December brings us a month of examining authors’ craft through poetry. We begin by creating a gallery of poems we find in anthologies and collections from well-known free verse poets. We then analyze their writing, looking at word choice and figurative language. We find patterns of structure we might use with our own ideas and then begin to write our own original poetry modeled after the authors we admire. The students will spend most of this month writing original poetry and creating published pieces to post via GoogleDocs and presentation software.

Mrs. Shetter's E-mail:

Upcoming Dates

December 9 - Chorus Field Trip 9a

December 11 - Pick up Yankee Candle orders

December 19 - Geography Bee

December 22 - High School Band performance 1pm

December 23 - Holiday Sing Along - 12:45-1:15 (early lunch schedule)

December 23 - Early Dismissal

December 24 -January 2 - No School

January 13th - Parent Meeting

January 15th - Spelling Bee

January 16th,19th - No School

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