Alumni Spotlight

April 2023


We recognize alumni, but it is always an AWESOME opportunity to recognize an alum who has decided on a career path in public education. Hence, we are proud to feature 2010 Methacton High School graduate and current West Chester Area School District School Counselor - Joe Michetti.

Following graduation from Methacton High School, Joe attended Bloomsburg University and found himself teaching middle school history at Collegium Charter School in Exton, PA. During his time at Collegium, he shares that he was able to find his professional path. “While I greatly enjoyed teaching, I wanted to further my impact and focus on the mental health of students.”

With that ambition, Joe began working towards earning his master’s degree in school counseling at West Chester University (Yeah – the Golden Rams). He earned his master’s degree in May 2021, which led him to his current position as a school counselor at West Chester East High School. Some of his roles include coordinating scholarship offerings, serving as an equity advocate for East High School, serving as an advisor for the Black Student Union, and coaching the Fugett Middle School football team. “I am so proud to work alongside such amazing students and colleagues that help keep me motivated and determined.”

When Joe was asked about his favorite Methacton memory, he shared that it was football training camp going into his sophomore year. “We had a fun group of players who bonded really well. We were on a mission to break a lengthy losing streak and won our first game of the season.”

In terms of high school accomplishments, Joe says that earning playing time on the varsity team as a sophomore was a big deal for him. Then, he got injured. While this was a huge setback for Joe, the life-changing event offered him a silver lining. “I was not a very motivated student in high school but that experience allowed me to get to where I am today and experience failure. That failure helped me understand myself and what I needed to do to get better. I never let it define me.

When asked about influences, Joe said he could name several. However, Mr. Brad Dale was the first who came to mind. “Mr. Dale was my 3rd grade teacher at Woodland. He was the first teacher I had that I felt believed in me and helped me love school.” Joe also had a profound appreciation for Mr. Fred Stoudt at Arcola. “[He] was another teacher who inspired me to be myself even if that means being goofy and loud.” Lastly, Joe shares that Mr. Eric Ranieri was a motivational force. “ Mr. Ranieri was someone I looked up to growing up as he was my neighbor for most of my childhood. I remember watching him push his car up the street, positioned on a steep hill, for fun as a workout and thinking, ‘This guy is a little crazy!’”

Joe recommends students lean into all of the positive experiences that high school life offers. "Try as many things as possible to find what you are good at and go for it! Stop comparing yourself to everybody else. The hardest thing at your age is to be you and to not let other people's voices into your head.”

Joe currently lives in Phoenixville with his girlfriend, Jen, his dog, Lilly, and cat, Cheche. When he’s not at work, he loves going for walks into town and hanging out with his sister, Monica, her husband, Ryan, and their children, Tyler and Talia. He also enjoys visits with his brother Bob, and his wife, Laura, and their children, Marco and Avelina. Although Joe is no longer a resident in the district, he still feels closely connected to the community. “While I now live a small ways away from Methacton, it will always have a special place in my heart!”


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