Acu-Yoga-Kung CLASSES

Yoga Classes with Chi Kung and Acupressure

Join the new WAY to do Yoga

Look After Yourself! And learn with us old and natural methods to heal yourself.

Acu-Yoga-Kung is a discipline that involves a mixture of Yoga, Acupressure and Chi Kung. Yoga improves our elasticity and hormone and lymphatic systems which brings balance to our emotions and immune health. Chi Kung improves our mental heath by helping us to control our minds which will reduce our stress and anxiety levels and boost our mental energy for increased productivity and better enjoyment of life. Acupressure helps to maintain the health of our organs and may reduce physical aches and pains by reducing unnecessary tension.

Healing your mind, body and spirit can bring tremendous positivity into your life! Don't wait, begin now! You will not be disappointed with your Acu-Yoga-Kung class!

Try it ...You Love it ! Look after yourself

Tuesday, April 1st, 7:30pm

2 Church St


Every Tuesday at 7.30 at the Quaker Meeting House

List of prices:

  1. £ 10 per class
  2. £ 35 per month

About the Techniques

Your moment of Health and Relaxation

Why should I do AcuYogaKung ?

  1. These are all old techniques used for thousands of years, surviving to our time because of their experienced effectiveness in balancing body and mind.
  2. With this techniques you can improve the quality of your life.
  3. If you prevent doing Acuyogakung, you will spend less time and money in medicines.

About the Teacher.

Sonia has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years. During that time she was studying acupuncture and chi kung, among other disciplines. Her passion for yoga, meditation, macrobiotic/balance diet and her interest to improve the Self-Knowledge have been inspired by her mother from childhood. Sonia has been studying Buddhism and Feng Shui with different Tibetan and Spanish Masters. She likes to be in a continuous learning. Sharing is the best way to live the life.

Don't forget your YOGA-MAT, it is essential!!